Stop Using Microsoft Hotmail

If you use Hotmail, you make Microsoft money every time you read your mail -- Microsoft owns Hotmail, and gets paid for advertising placed in Hotmail.

Hotmail is also a crucial piece of Microsoft's strategy to become the dominant Internet portal and content provider. Do the right thing, and do your part to stop Microsoft dominance of another market.

Numerous free email alternatives exist. Two of the best known are Netscape WebMail and Yahoo! Mail.

Incidentally, Netscape and Yahoo have been reasonable supporters of free software. In my opinion free software offers the best opportunity for ending Microsoft dominance and the best model for preventing complete corporate takeover of the information economy and our culture.

Wean yourself from Hotmail today! Open an free email account with Netscape, Yahoo, or another free email provider, and send everyone who knows your Hotmail address telling them to use your new address instead. Explain why you left Hotmail, and encourage them to do the same.

Other Interesting Hotmail Links

Microsoft Hotmail based on Unix: When Microsoft bought Hotmail, they tried to get the free email service to run on their supposedly scalable Windows NT operating system. The best Microsoft engineers failed, and Microsoft Hotmail still runs on Unix.

Hotmail has a long history of dangerous security breaches and bugs:

Mike Linksvayer 1998.10.21, updated 1999.12.11