CodeCon Saturday

Delta. Arbitrarily large codebase triggers specific bug. Run delta, which attempts to provide you with only the code that triggers the bug (usually a page or so, no matter the size of the codebase) via a like algorithm (the evaluation function requires triggering the bug and considers code size). Sounds like a big productivity and quality booster where it can be used.

Djinni. Framework for approximation of problems, supposedly faster and easier to use than more academic oriented approximation frameworks. An improved simulated annealing algorithm is or will be in the mix, including an analog of “pressue” in . Super annoying presentation style. Thank you for letting us know that CodeCon is where the rubber meets the road.

iGlance. Instant Messaging with audio and video, consistent with the IM metaphor (recipient immediately hears and sees initiator) rather than telephone metaphor (recipient must pick up call). Very low bitrate video buddy lists. Screen and window sharing with single control and dual pointers so that remote user can effectively point over your shoulder. Impressive for what seems to be a one person spare time project. Uses OVPL and OVLPL licenses, very similar to GPL and LGPL, but apparently easier to handle contributor agreements, so project owner can move code between application and library layers. Why not just make the entire application ?

Overlay Anycast Service InfraStructure. Locality-aware server selection (to be) used by , easy to implement for your service. Network locality correlates highly with geographic locality due to the speed of light bound. Obvious, but the graph was neat. OpenDHT was also mentioned, another hosted service. OpenDHT clients can use OASIS to find a gateway. Super easy to play with a with around 200 nodes. Someone has built fileshare using OpenDHT, see Octopod. As Wes Felter says, this stuff really needs to be moved to a non-research network.

Query By Example. Find and rank rows [dis]similar to others in SQL using extension for , which uses a for classification (last is not visible to user). Sounds great for data mining engagements.

Saturday 2005

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  1. > but apparently easier to handle contributor agreements

    I can’t speak to the merits of the particular license, but if this is true, it is very valuable. Issues regarding contributor agreements has become one of the major obstacles in SynchroEdit. And contributor agreements is something that OSI is not working on nor writing about.

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