CodeCon Sunday

Dido. I think this provides AGI, or a way to script voice response systems using and a voice template system analogous to scripting and HTML templates for web servers, though questioners focused on a controversial feature to reorder menus based on popularity. The demo didn’t really work, except as a demonstration of everyone’s frustration with IVRs, as an audience member pointed out.

Deme. Kitchen sink collaboration web app. They aren’t done putting dishes in the sink. They’re thinking about taking all of the dishes out of the sink, replacing the sink, and putting the dishes back in (PHP to something cooler). Let’s vote on what kind of vote to put this to.

Monotone. Elegant distributed , uses SHA1 hashes to identify files and repository states. Hash of previous repository state included in current repository state, making lineage cryptographically provable. used to quickly determine file level differences between repositories (for sync). Storage and (especially) merge and diff are loosely coupled. Presentation didn’t cover day to day use, probably a good decision in terms of interestingness. The revision control presentations have been some of the best every year at CodeCon. They should consider having two or three next year. may be the only project presented this year that had a Wikipedia article before the conference.

Rhizome. Unlike Gordon (and perhaps most people), hearing the triplet doesn’t make my eyes glaze over, but I’m afraid this presentation did. Some of the underlying code ( etc) might be interesting, but was the second to last presentation, and the top level project, Rhizome, amounts to yet another idiosyncratic , with the idiosyncratic dial turned way up.

Elkhound/Elsa/Oink/Cqual++. generator that handles ambiguous grammars in a straightforward manner, C++ parser and tools built on top of same. Can find with a reasonable false positive rate. Expressed confidence that future work would lead the compiler catching far more bugs than usually thought possible (as opposed to only at runtime). Cool and important stuff, too bad I only grok it at a high level. Co-presenter Dan Wilkerson (and sole presenter on Saturday of Delta) is with the Open Source Quality Project at UC Berkeley.

Sunday 2005

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