May S-events

This month’s Creative Commons Salon San Francisco is tomorrow and a short walk from my new abode.

Saturday is the Singularity Summit at Stanford. I’ve seen 12 of the 14 speakers previously but it could still be a fun event. Probably not as fun as the similar Hofstadter symposium six years ago.

Sunday I’m on a panel at the “Sustainable World Symposium & Festival” on “Leveraging the Internet–Maximizing Our Collective Power.” I’ll seek to entertain and educate, given the probable granola audience.

May 25 I hope to attend the Future Salon on The Sustainability of Material Progress with who has a rather different (and correct) take “sustainability” than I suspect the the “Sustainable World” people above. I haven’t attended a Future Salon in a year, maybe two. I hear they’re large events now.

Update 20060517: May 30 I’ll be speaking at Netsquared Conference session on Turning Communications Technologies Into Tools For Free Speech And Free Culture.

Post May 10 CC Salon SF followup.

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  1. rejon's blog says:

    Creative Commons Salon Tonite!

    From the Creative Commons Blog Post:

    If you’re going to be in the Bay Area tomorrow night, please join us…

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