Macworld Apple rumors

Do you eagerly await confirmation of and surprises from on high, despite abuse?

You have a problem. When it comes to controlling your computing environment (i.e., much of your communication, your work, your life), you’re stupid.

Sniff the wind in Cupertino or trust those who claim to have seen top secret documents? Or read the code, developer mailing lists, wikis, , or trust those who have? Your choice.

When conformists’ slogan is “think different” (the white collar version of ““), it’s time for revolution.

Each time Macworld rolls around I remember, too late, to organize a for the occasion. Or rather mention the idea to .

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  1. […] Like other Apple products, the iPhone is eye candy (ugly to me), but not revolutionary. […]

  2. […] Wrong, the objects of iZombie lust can play any MP3 file that is not itself crippled. The crippleware (the handcuffs to avoid) is not factory-installed, but purchased from the iTunes Store — tracks crippled by DRM. […]

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