Essential Of Life

Killing bad products is essential to the health of a product line. “Bad” might mean defective, poor fit, or even merely unpopular.

So I’m happy that Creative Commons is retiring two little used licenses.

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  1. gudronark says:

    The retirement of the sharing license is a good thing. I’m not sure it added anything to the puzzle in the first instance, but the jigsaw certainly assembles just as well without this particular jagged piece.

  2. Only a few more duds to go until only CC-SA is left and ‘Creative Commons’ means ‘creative commons’. :)

  3. alpesh patel says:

    Essential of life is to make every one happy

  4. gudronark,

    That’s the sampling license, but yeah, if you’re making a reference to a text puzzle-piece license chooser, the share piece is now superfluous — it cannot be removed.


    I’m afraid your comment is antithetical to this post. Think about it. :)

  5. gurdonark says:

    Hmm. I managed to spell my own handle wrong, and mis-identify the
    license type, but apart from those obvious typos, I still agree with you that it’s progress to dispense with those licenses.

  6. Jon Phillips says:

    A few more things just got added to the good stack of retirees :)

  7. […] happy to report again that Creative Commons is retiring two little used licenses, with a fairly thorough explanation of […]

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