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As usual, I don’t speak for Creative Commons nor any other organization here, not even remotely. Follow the links if you want officialdom.

Support CC - 2007 CC recently launched its fall campaign fundraising campaign (that time of year again) and site revamp. Boing Boing picked it up and noted one of the best bits:

Creative Commons has launched a site redesign to go with its fall fundraising campaign, featuring a new emphasis on the work being done by CC teams globally, backed by sweet open source code, including OpenLayers mapping and Semantic MediaWiki. For bloggers there are new map-themed “Support CC” buttons to help spread the word.

Yes, CC is finally using what I called the most important software project (to a much greater extent on the intranet; and not mentioned, other semantic technologies I’ve blogged about here), ironically now that I’m no longer CTO. Nathan Yergler has been doing a great job in that role, and 2007 will probably as much visible progress on CC technology fronts as the previous four years.

The CC Salon in San Francisco this Wednesday evening should be excellent, featuring researcher Giorgos Cheliotis (on counting CC licensed works–actually more than that, but the description works with this post’s title) and some very positive announcements, while Jon Phillips will be giving a brief talk on CC at the EFF Bootcamp during the day in Mountain View.

It took a long time to hire a new General Counsel, in no small part because Mia Garlick, the previous GC, set the bar very high.

And CC is hiring an accountant, full time in San Francisco.

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