Most important political news of the day

I’m fairly satisfied with the results of last night’s Iowa caucuses, though I wish the loathsome Edwards had done poorly enough to drop out. (By the way, although I stated my preference for Richardson and effectively for Obama a few days ago, I had forgotten that I already did the same back in March).

Far more important and satisfying is the launch of real money presidential decision markets today. Hooray for Peter McCluskey! I’m sure I’ll have much more to say about this.

There were play money presidential decision markets in 2004.

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  1. gurdonark says:

    The coming four weeks of primaries will be fascinating.

  2. Ben Tremblay says:

    Sidebar: twitter

    Hi … decided to do something with my Digg profile and snooped around; noticed you friended with marshallk, so …
    … but you haven’t been active on Twitter?

    So, this is a noodge!


  3. I only twitter about obelisks —

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