California nightmare

Some of the best points are blindingly obvious. Will Wilkinson on good peopleracists who advocate apartheid:

Presently, whites are well less than half the Cailfornian population. Hispanics make up just more than a third. Asians at 12 percent are nearly double the black population. I’d guess it won’t be long before Hispanics pass whites to become a plurality.

Now, if my fearful commenters aren’t simply making things up in their paranoid dreams, wouldn’t California be a complete disaster already? Of course, we all know that, were it a country, California would be the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world. The median household income in California, $54,385, ranks 11th in the U.S., and would put California right near the top of the world rankings.

More data: California population born in a non-U.S. jurisdiction: 26.9%, entire U.S.: 11.8% (excluding California should be about 9.8% for the proper comparison).

Some people do think California is a giant burning parking lot, but that isn’t remotely true, even relatively. There are things to dislike about California (e.g., San Francisco is a pathetic parochial town instead of Sanhattan, Scientologists in LA), but approximately none of them have anything to do with the presence of non-U.S. citizens. I’ll take California over Oklahoma (4.2%) any day.

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  1. Ben Tremblay says:

    The nut of my “participatory deliberation” stems back to the early 70s … as a hippie /cum/ peace-keeper I was in uniform when we tumbled a democratically elected government. When I saw how “nice” people tut-tutted I realized the fix was in.

    Point is: until / unless we shift the concensus there is no political progress. Winning the argument is usually due to some variant of political expedience. The oligarchs know how to win that game. (Hiring clever yuppies to side-track /most /everything// is a tactic that was taught in a special Georgetown University course decades ago. To anyone who’s lucid it’s just common sense. But in #matrix … it seems paranoid. I seem paranoid. And unpleasant. So I don’t get work. So I slip from “voluntary simplicity” to abject poverty and homelessness. “Economic warfare” is the alternative to assassination. I don’t rate assassination. heh)


  2. Point is: until / unless we shift the concensus there is no political progress.

    Yep, and that’s the point of Uberfact. But I don’t get the direct relevance to this post.

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