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Anyone placing great hope in Obama is deluded. He is just another abominable person. However, given a lifetime of cavalier behavior, putting the temporary dictatorship in the hands of McCain would be insane. It is only slightly comforting that Obama (and Biden) say some of the right things regarding executive power … we’ll see what they do when they hold that power. Somewhat more comforting is the consensus that Obama will pile on debt slower and extract the US military from Iraq faster than McCain.

So please, vote for changeconstraining executive power just a tiny bit, vote for Obama.

Regarding California and San Francisco propositions (and I wouldn’t be surprised if this rule applies elsewhere), you could do far worse than to vote no on all of them, and it would be hard to do much better.

However, I recommend voting yes on one of each — California Proposition 5 for a slight attenuation of the drug war and San Francisco Proposition K to hamstring police enforcement of anti-prostitution laws.

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  1. […] am not a believer in magic, but more of the sorts that the president is a temporary dictatorship. Regardless, vote like Chomsky would say, for the lesser of the two […]

  2. Mario Pena says:

    I really don’t trust in politicians, but as said, this is the lesser of two evils. We will have to be, as allways, watching. I think citizens are quite alone in this world. Salvation won’t come thanks to politiciana but by our own means.

  3. Hi Mario, agreed!

  4. JedYX says:

    sucker…..u are a fuckin racist

  5. JedYX, please say more!

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