The _ that no one ever talks about?

Instead, try one of these relatively non-preposterous, honest statements:

  • I wish more people talked about _, but I think they don’t because they are stupid or evil or trapped in stupid or evil systems.
  • _ is relatively obscure, but I want to tell you it is important, or at least convince you that I’m cool because I know of it.
  • I just discovered how the world works, namely _, and I bet nobody else has ever, by golly!
  • I searched and find no evidence that anyone has said _ exactly, but it’s a relatively trivial variation on other things.

2 Responses

  1. maiki says:

    Was this something I said? Now I am self-conscious (but apparently not self-accountable!)!

    In a more serious note, I like it when folks are vulnerable, and if someone wants to feel unique, they could share their direct experiences. ^_^

  2. maiki, I don’t think so! But I don’t remember what triggered this post. Read or heard the phrase one too many times. Had I written about my direct experience, now I’d remember. ^_^

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