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Just announced, Karen Sandler is now Executive Director of Software Freedom Conservancy, Bradley Kuhn its Distinguished Technologist. I have a huge amount of respect for the work and knowledge of both of them, and assert that their combined expertise on free and open source software policy and nonprofit governance is unmatched anywhere. Read the announcement for details.

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If you’re running a free/open source software project having reached the stage of needing an organizational home (e.g., to handle funds and legal), consider applying to become a Conservancy member project (n.b. I’m on the new project evaluation committee and the Conservancy board).

Donate to Conservancy directly, to one of its current member projects, or to its nonprofit accounting software project (my endorsement).

Wikipedia: Conservancy, Kuhn, Sandler, and SK combinator calculus, more commonly known as SKI combinator calculus.

Listen to Free as in Freedom, a podcast hosted by Sandler and Kuhn. Does this change make the timely release of a new episode more or less likely? ☻ I’ve appeared on FaiF and its predecessor.

Addendum: Posts from Kuhn and Sandler.

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