Empowered Mozilla?

2014-04-04 in Apartheid, Economics, Free Speech, Open Source, Politics, Prediction Markets | 3 Comments

A plan for a plan to accelerate clarity on “NonCommercial” by 100%

2014-04-01 in Commons, Creative Commons, Peeves | 3 Comments

SK Combinator Conservancy

2014-03-31 in Open Source | No Comments

Counter-donate in support of marriage equality and other Mozilla-related notes

2014-03-29 in Advertising, Open Services, Open Source, Peeves, Politics, Programming | 5 Comments

Innovation Policy in a World With Less Scarcity

2014-03-28 in Books, Commons, Economics, Inequality Promotion, Intellectual Protectionism, P2P, Patents, Peeves, Politics, Wikipedia | 6 Comments

Document marketing freedom 0.1

2014-03-26 in Books, Economics, Open Source, Peeves | 1 Comment

Hazard Records 015

2014-03-25 in Creative Commons, Music, Peeves, Public Domain | 2 Comments

Empathy for the Gooseberry

2014-03-23 in Creative Commons, Music, Open Source, Peeves | 2 Comments

Most email newsletters are spam, file accordingly

2014-03-21 in Advertising, Economics, Peeves | 7 Comments

Free Bassel & Open Borders Days

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