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Fix Web Multimedia

Thursday, June 24th, 2004

Says Lucas Gonze. I decided to post about this on the Creative Commons weblog instead of here. Anyway, +1.


Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

Limacat discovers and understands Bitzi, calls it “the most important stuff” (um, found in one browsing session) and “it is possible that partial support for Bitzi will land in PMX.” Limacat didn’t provide a link for PMX, so I had to dig: Ladies and Gentlemen: Personal Metadata Exchanger!. Looks like vapor so far.

Narconon stored indefinitely in fat

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

The San Francisco Chronicle writes about a Scientology-led course in made-up bullshit about drugs taught in public schools.

The article failed to include links to Stop Narconon, Narconon Clambake, or Narconon Exposed, among others.

I wonder why they didn’t call it Narcanon. Legal problems from twelve-step programs?

Narconon’s lies are unfortunately relatively harmless against the backdrop of drug war lies pushed by equally evil folk who get a pass from mainstream society.

Sloths and Their Slothfulness

Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

Via Elizabeth Rader I discovered Kairosnews criticizing the Creative Commons weblog and others for using non-free weblog software. The CC weblog currently uses the “lars-blogger” package for OpenACS, both GPL.

I would’ve posted a comment to Kairosnews, but that would’ve required registering and logging in. Trackback is great for sloths.

Sort of apropos: I didn’t switch to WordPress, but I did delay starting a public blog for ages while waiting for simple libre blog software that supports pretty URLs, comments, trackbacks, pings, syndication, etc. Other reason for delay: slothfulness.

Will weblog software will disappear as a category? I want to manage an entire site with one application (up til now: “vi”, more or less). It isn’t hard for a CMS to include a nice weblog feature. It is kind of a pain for users to force weblog applications to serve as a whole-site CMS, though many people do that.