Narconon stored indefinitely in fat

The San Francisco Chronicle writes about a Scientology-led course in made-up bullshit about drugs taught in public schools.

The article failed to include links to Stop Narconon, Narconon Clambake, or Narconon Exposed, among others.

I wonder why they didn’t call it Narcanon. Legal problems from twelve-step programs?

Narconon’s lies are unfortunately relatively harmless against the backdrop of drug war lies pushed by equally evil folk who get a pass from mainstream society.

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  1. […] Narconon stored indefinitely in fat bridles at inadequate criticism of Scientology and the drug war. Easy targets, making the post fluff at best. However, it’s much worse than that. Religion is a powerful organizing force and addiction a powerful disorganizing force. Even if Scientology and the drug war are poor implementations, society needs to experiment with religion and anti-addiction technologies, forms, methods, etc, together and separately, and won’t have any hope of finding optimal ones without struggling with disease-prone variants. Government support for religious technology anti-addiction programming is brave, pioneering, innovative, and necessary! […]

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