Sloths and Their Slothfulness

Via Elizabeth Rader I discovered Kairosnews criticizing the Creative Commons weblog and others for using non-free weblog software. The CC weblog currently uses the “lars-blogger” package for OpenACS, both GPL.

I would’ve posted a comment to Kairosnews, but that would’ve required registering and logging in. Trackback is great for sloths.

Sort of apropos: I didn’t switch to WordPress, but I did delay starting a public blog for ages while waiting for simple libre blog software that supports pretty URLs, comments, trackbacks, pings, syndication, etc. Other reason for delay: slothfulness.

Will weblog software will disappear as a category? I want to manage an entire site with one application (up til now: “vi”, more or less). It isn’t hard for a CMS to include a nice weblog feature. It is kind of a pain for users to force weblog applications to serve as a whole-site CMS, though many people do that.

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  1. cel4145 says:

    Thanks for the trackback. That’s good to know about CreativeCommons. I wish that they mentioned it on the site. Not just because I missed it (goof), but also because it’s good for promoting the OpenACS project. And not having looked closely at OpenACS before–was put off by the need to install AOLServer to merely try it–it’s nice to see such a good example of what OpenACS can do.

  2. Actually is not a good example of what OpenACS can do. The templating system and database API are among the nicest I have ever seen, but we don’t really utilize any higher level features, and for the site as implemented OpenACS adds complexity without any payoff. That said, for a large site with lots of “community” features, OpenACS does offer a lot out of the box and deserves a close look.

  3. sabrenah says:

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  4. […] Sloths and Their Slothfulness is extremely non-insightful, failing to foresee providing links to source and more broadly web colophons (regarding which I’ve long held an inadequately insightful draft post), and failing to foresee “blog” software eating general “CMS” software moreso than the other way around. […]

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