Fix Web Multimedia

Says Lucas Gonze. I decided to post about this on the Creative Commons weblog instead of here. Anyway, +1.

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  1. […] ** Among other things, I like to think of magnet links and Bitzi as attempting to bridge the gap between the web and otherwise shared content. Obviously that work is unfinished. As is making multimedia work on the web. I think that’s the last time I linked to Lucas Gonze, but he’s had plently of crafty posts between then and now that I highly recommend following. […]

  2. […] Fix Web Multimedia with a social movement, really? Be liberal in what you accept and tend to your own garden if it maximizes your utility function and people will live with and indeed love the result. Anything else just holds back innovation. A foolish devotion to standards is the hobgoblin of tech pundits. […]

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