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Mediachest Theory

Thursday, February 26th, 2004

Pleasant Blogger saysBookcrossing + Orkut + Bitzi + HotOrNot = Mediachest“.

I don’t think addition is the correct operation. Perhaps we could say all of

  • Bookcrossing ∩ Mediachest ≠ ∅
  • Orkut ∩ Mediachest ≠ ∅
  • Bitzi ∩ Mediachest ≠ ∅
  • HotOrNot ∩ Mediachest ≠ ∅

or something more interesting if I actually knew set theory and notation.

Seriously though, lots of people realize that social networks can facilitate navigation, discovery, trust, filtering, communication and the like in many domains. Will people move on from sites that encourage building lists of “friends” for the sake of building such lists (and dating, I hear) to sites that use social networks to enhance other functions a la Mediachest or will the likes of Friendster and Orkut add more utility? Probably something else. Consider that

  • Orkut has only scratched the surface of what a pure social networking service could offer. There are no collaborative filtering or recommendation features for starters. I don’t think Orkut is near an 80/20 sweet spot, or wherever diminishing returns set in for a pure social networking site.
  • Sites with huge existing memberships haven’t added social networking to their offerings. does not exist.
  • I’m forgetting stuff, but not the decentralized path. See FOAF and XFN. Atop which every value-add you can imagine (a miniscule subset of the total) will be built in the semi-near future, like by 2009.

Bitzi has had a very simple social network feature since May, 2001, “interesting bitizens”. Mine (and those interested in me) are currently listed on the right side of my bitizen page. We still haven’t built any features using these relationships, apart from an ignored popularity contest. Eventually. Before 2009.

Get creative, remix culture

Thursday, February 26th, 2004

As posted on the Creative Commons weblog:

The source materials for both “Get Creative” and “Remix Culture” are now available. Download the .fla file for either and you can get creative and remix “Get Creative” or “Remix Culture” with ease.

Quicktime versions of both movies are also now available. Now it’s easier than ever to download, display and share “Get Creative” and “Remix Culture” (right-click on links to download and save).

Thanks to Ibiblio for hosting all of these files. The Quicktime movies are also available at the Internet Archive here and here. The Internet Archive will also host your Creative Commons-licensed movies and music free of charge. Get started.

MAGNET and Bitzi links:

Creative_Commons_-_Get_Creative.fla (46.1MB) (6.9MB)
Creative_Commons_-_Get_Creative.swf (5.5MB)
Creative_Commons_-_Remix_Culture.fla (94.9MB) (6.8MB)
Creative_Commons_-_Remix_Culture.swf (6.8MB)

Not Hosting The Grey Album

Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Have LimeWire, BearShare, Shareaza, Kazaa or other MAGNET-enabled software? You might click on a MAGNET icon below. Or click on the filename for more information via Bitzi.

Why would you want to use a MAGNET-enabled program rather than using your browser to download from a web site?

  • The site might use stupid filenames, e.g., 01PublicServiceAnnouncement.mp3. A MAGNET link can specify a better name.
  • The site may have been compromised. A MAGNET link can specify a secure identifier for a file which can be used by an application to verify that the file you have is the one you expected.
  • The site may be down. Some MAGNET-enabled programs can look for the exact file elsewhere.
  • The site may be slow. By virtue of the previous feature, some MAGNET-enabled programs may be able to download from multiple sources.
  • You might already have the exact file. Many MAGNET-enabled programs can tell you this. Why bother to download again?
  • You might want to share the file with others. Some MAGNET-enabled programs will help you do this.
  • You might want to annotate or otherwise organize the file into your collection. Many MAGNET-enabled programs have such features built-in, and do a reasonable job of automatically categorizing new files.
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 01 – Public Service Announcement.mp3 (4.0MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 02 – What More Can I Say.mp3 (6.3MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 03 – Encore.mp3 (3.9MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 04 – December 4th.mp3 (5.2MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 05 – 99 Problems.mp3 (5.9MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 06 – Dirt Off Your Shoulder.mp3 (5.7MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 07 – Moment of Clarity.mp3 (5.7MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 08 – Change Clothes.mp3 (5.8MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 09 – Allure.mp3 (5.9MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 10 – Justify My Thug.mp3 (6.0MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 11 – Interlude.mp3 (3.0MB)
Jay Z + DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album – 12 – My 1st Song.mp3 (7.8MB)

Bitzi Bitcollider 0.6.0 with kzhash, video metadata, tiger tree fix, minimal OS X support

Monday, February 9th, 2004

As reported by Gordon Mohr at Bitzi and InfoAnarchy. I’ll add another thanks to Delirium for the video metadata extraction code, provided a year and a half ago. We need to work on that release often bit. Thanks also to Robert Kaye for cleaning up and packaging the release. If you want to be thanked in less than two years, check out the bitcollider bug and feature request tracker at sourceforge.

Anyone else, if you have files you’d like to alert (of the “it’s greeeat!” or “beware, malware” varieties) the world to, download bitcollider and use it to add said files to the Bitzi catalog.