Creative Commons Moving Image Contest Winners

Announced today. Copied from the Creative Commons home page:

We’re very happy to announce the winners of the GET CREATIVE! Moving Images Contest: First Place goes to Justin Cone, for the inspired and powerful short film “Building on the Past,” which uses all sorts of Prelinger Archives footage to great effect. Second Place: Sheryl Seibert, for “Mix Tape,” which perfectly captures the found-art ethos of Creative Commons and uses the Creative Commons-licensed song “Mix Tape” by Jim’s Big Ego. Third Place: Kuba and Alek Tarkowski, for “CCC,” a historical look at free culture. Check them out, download them, mirror them, share them with friends. Thanks to all of you who made submissions!

The first place entry is really good, though my favorite scene is midway through the third placer — “a mutation of the system, if you will.”

MAGNET/Bitzi links for easy sharing and info: (7.0MB) (31.8MB)
Kuba_and_Alek_Tarkowski_-_CCC.mpg (14.9MB)

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