Hello Austin

I’m in Austin, Texas now for SXSW, where Creative Commons has two panels, two parties, and an exhibitor booth. Check the Creative Commons weblog for info and updates.

This is my first time in Austin (and Texas, and “the South”). I probably won’t have much time to explore, but I’m curious — I very nearly moved to Austin after finishing school eleven years ago. As far as I could tell San Francisco has a better live music scene for the types of music I’m interested in (at that time Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and frequent visits from Japanoise bands in particular), among other things. I should’ve moved to New York or Tokyo instead, but I didn’t even consider them, which I now find inexplicable. No, I don’t. Lack of knowledge.

So far: I’m grateful for the non-stop SJC-AUS nerd bird, and that I found out about a four hour delay before leaving home for SJC. AUS was shiny, clean and empty (excepting the sound of some fiddling country music) at 2:15AM. My cheap hotel has WiFi and ethernet ($9.95/day or $39.95/week).

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  1. […] king Austin Filed under: General — ml @ 1:27 I spent much of last week in Austin, attending SXSW Interactive with Creative Commons and hearing two nights of good mus […]

  2. […] Hello Austin, Night of Bowed Strings and Cambodian Surf, Texas Alien Abductions Up After Chunnel Completion, CC-Austin, and Walking Austin all concern a visit to Austin, Texas for SXSW. All make it apparent I did exactly what I enjoy, rather than what SXSW might be good for: networking. The “Music Sharing License” introduced there was a confusing name that fortunately has been forgotten. “Remix Ready” and “4th Wall Films” ideas to make “source” for cultural works available are ones that I liked and a concept I continue to advocate. However, clearly there is very little demand for the concept, perhaps for three reasons 1) it often isn’t clear what constitutes source 2) providing source, or even retaining it as one works (often destructively — the silly image at the top of this post is an example — I forgot to save .xcf files, but I did save two .png files for some reason, which is better than I’d usually do) is often expensive and 3) final published works have some usefulness as source. Finally regarding a panel on CC and music: clearly public licenses are neither necessary for distributing music online nor sufficient for engendering creative use and peer production of cultural relevance. […]

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