Last week was a busy one for Creative Commons at SXSW, though perhaps not as busy as the week leading up to it.

The CC music panel attracted an if-you-don’t-use-DRM-you-hate-artists troll and hosted at least two interesting announcements: the CC Music Sharing “License” (actually a mere branding-for-music-people of the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license, not a fragmentation) and physical artifacts from Opsound. Also check out Opsound’s Remix Ready logo/campaign:

Remix Ready
When you see this symbol it means that the artist has offered to provide uncompressed source material for remixing. If the files are available for download on a website, there will be a link you can follow, otherwise contact the artist by email to request the material you’d like to use. Please do be patient and allow the artist some time to respond. Obviously some specific materials may not be available. Have fun.

Great idea, and good segue to the CC film panel, at which the 4th Wall Films project was announced. The idea is to make film “source” — scripts, uncut footage, director’s notes — available for remixing. The panel engendered much excitement, and not just for 4th Wall. Film people seem to have a substantially different attitude than music people.

Heather Ford has a good writeup of both panels.

CC also hosted two parties with Magnatune and EFF-Austin. Jon Lebkowsky has many pictures of the first.

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