ccPublisher 1.0

Nathan Yergler just cut ccPublisher 1.0, a Windows/Mac/Linux desktop app that helps you license, tag, and distribute your audio and video works. I’m very biased, but I think it’d be a pretty neat little application even if it weren’t Creative Commons centric.

  • It’s written in Python with a wxPython UI, but is distributed as a native windows installer or Mac disk image with no dependencies. Install and run like any other program on your platform, no implementation leakage. Drag’n’drop works.
  • Also invisible to the end user, it uses the Internet Archive’s XML contribution interface, ftp and CC’s nascent web services.
  • RDF metadata is generated, hidden from the user if published at IA, or available for self-publishing, ties into CC’s search and P2P strategies.

Python and friends did most of the work, but the 90/10-10/90 rule applied (making a cross platform app work well still isn’t trivial, integration is always messy, and anything involving ID3v2 sucks). Props to Nathan.

Version 2 will be much slicker, support more media types, and be extensible for use by other data repositories.

Addendum 2005-01-12: Check out Nathan’s 1.0 post mortem and 2.0 preview.

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