Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche

Tyler Cowen cites a Harper’s Index factoid:

Number of American five-year-olds named Lexus: 353

One of them works at Raisins, featured in the first South Park episode I ever watched and still my sentimental favorite. Every kid should watch this episode. If it is available on DVD I can’t find it, but search for “South Park 714” or “South Park Raisins” on any filesharing network — South Park episodes are among the most shared content.

Also see Christian Hard Rock, which tackles filesharing. Almost every episode is well worth watching for kids and adults. Skip the movie, it sucks ass.

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  1. triticale says:

    It should be noted, relative to the title of this post, that Mercedes is a name, which was given to people long before Daimler named a car in honor of a customer’s daughter. People bearing the name today are likely not to be named after the car. Author Mercedes Lackey has reported that she was named after actress Mercedes McCambridge.

  2. You’re right. My wife also pointed out Portia, pronounced very much like Porsche, and Lexis could be an abbreviated Alexis. However, I still think the Raisins girls are supposed to be named after cars. I forgot about the new girl, Ferrari.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Salut !

  4. Mercedes' says:

    No, where suppose to be named after cars dear:)
    We got our names on purpose for there is also “Audi”, “Savanna”, “Saturn”, “Honda”, Ect. For a full list of the Raisins’ girls names and myspaces’ just come to Raisins and see me:)
    You could buy some wings and fun fries while your there Cuties:]

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