Here you’ll find a little PHP API that wraps the single file metadata extraction feature of Bitzi’s bitcollider tool. Bitcollider also can submit file metadata to Bitzi. This PHP API doesn’t provide access to the submission feature.

Other possibly useful code provided with Bitcollider-PHP:

  • function hex_to_base_32($hex) converts hexidecimal input to Base32.
  • function magnetlink($sha1, $filename, $fileurl, $treetiger, $kzhash) returns a MAGNET link for the provided input.
  • magnetlink.php [file ...] is a command line utility that outputs MAGNET links for the files specified, using the bitcollider if available (if not kzhash and tree:tiger are not included in MAGNET links).

Versions of this code are deployed on a few sites in service of producing MAGNET links or urn:sha1: identifiers for RDF along these lines, both in the case of CC Mixter.

Criticism welcome.

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  1. […] now features a blog with pretty random content. I notice that another PHP Base32 function (which makes a whole lot more sense than the one included in Bitcollider-PHP — I swear PHP’s bitwise operators weren’t giving correct results and worked around that, but was probably insane) is available with a hint that someone is building an “open source Gnutella Server in PHP5.” […]

  2. krzysztof114 says:

    How about magnet for Azureus.
    Is it possible??

    I,m looking for script or enything else making magnet links for Azureus and from some time for Bit Comet for my new web. I want to create a bigest site in future, so please HELP (F1)

    krzysztof114 (Poland)

    PS: could i have a response on please??

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