BlogPulse Conversation Tracker

BlogPulse Conversation Tracker comes closer to fulfilling my wish for a blogversation interface than anything I’ve seen before. Missing: ability to see presence of a blogthread outside the context of the conversation tracker.

I built a similar tool on top of Technorati’s API: DeepCosmos. It’s slower (was last night and ought to be; BlogPulse must be getting a flood of traffic now) than BlogPulse as it must recursively query Technorati and is harder to use as it requires obtaining a Technorati API key.

BlogPulse queries matching the two examples I gave in my DeepCosmos post:

I’m not exactly sure when BlogPulse launched its conversation tracker, but it’s getting lots of attention since the release of BlogPulse 2.0 yesterday. Technorati, PubSub, Feedster, et al: BlogPulse just raised the bar several notches. Do or die.

[Via Danny Ayers.]

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  1. […] I hope Technorati, PubSub, Icerocket, BlogPulse, Feedster, et al do well, but my expectation is for one or more of Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft to introduce a superior blog search service and eventually for blog search to be an anachronism, subsumed by web search (though I want every site and page to have a feed, so web search should become a bit more like blog search). I want to comprehensively track a webversation starting at any URL, and that requires something that can pass for a comprehensive web index. […]

  2. […] In the case of non-Wikipedia links (and those too), combatting linkrot and providing alternate and related (e.g., reference, reply, archival) links is an obvious feature add for social bookmarking services and can be made available to a CMS or browser via the usual web API/feed/scraping mechanisms. […]

  3. […] BlogPulse Conversation Tracker. See “Technorati DeepCosmos” above. BlogPulse redirects to one of countless social media marketing firms. Blogs never generated such a mighty industry! […]

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