Supreme Dick

Dear Temporary Dictator 43,

Start thinking about your “legacy.” Nominate a respected intellect to the supreme court. Richard Posner would do famously. He has some stupid ideas compatible with your own but probably has more sense than anyone else possibly on your radar. More importantly for your legacy, he is held in greater respect than anyone else you could hope to nominate.

If you just can’t bear Posner’s opposition to a “partial birth” abortion ban, choose Alex Kozinski.

However, you should ignore demands from your social conservative supporters for payback in a nominee. Think about your legacy, not the next election–you’re not running.

Unfortunately bettors at the Trade Exchange Network aren’t giving Kozinski much chance (current bid/ask is 0.2/2.9) and Posner isn’t listed (I just suggested that he be). Beat expectations, boost your legacy!

For this post’s title, apologies to Dick Posner and the Supreme Dicks, a great 1990s band that rocked like the Sun City Girls on quaaludes.

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