Enough dead

Thomas Knapp writes:

1,827 … and counting. Enough said.

I shouldn’t pick on Knapp, whose heart is mostly in the right place (and he’s a linkmonger, so he probably won’t mind), but…

The sentiment above, that the number of U.S. government troops killed is all-important, sums up the Iraq war, or similar, pisses me off.

Those who joined the military volunteered to be slaves and volunteered to be murderers. Sure, many of them just wanted to pay for college, but most gangsters are primarily in it for the money too. Fuck the U.S. troops.

Around 25,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed in this war. (Yes, I’m aware of claims that the number is several times higher, but that estimate includes indirect deaths and is tenuous as far as I can tell, and I’m also aware of claims that an Iraqi civil war was an eventuality anyway, but that also seems highly speculative and doesn’t justify any deaths now.) They didn’t volunteer. Enough said.

But I’m all for gratuitous speech. Fuck the U.S. troops. And don’t forget to count small change or to understand real change.

Update 20050809: Thomas Knapp wrote a thorough and pleasant rejoinder, much of which I agree with. I’ll respond to the parts I don’t in a future post.

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  1. Mike Lorrey says:

    I’m torn here between you and Knapp. I hardly care for his nationalistically greater concern for American lives over Iraqi liberty (or lives). But I gotta say that “fuck the US troops” is a bit harsh.

    You are exactly right that they signed the contract (though as Knapp points out, it wasn’t a slavery contract, it was voluntary indenturement, a completely different thing), but neither are they murderers. They do a job that most others don’t have the balls for or the courage of their convictions. Instead, fuck those who claim that all men are equal but bitch about the bill.

  2. “Anti-war” blogger: Fuck the Troops

    I was reading the Neolibertarian Network blog like I do everyday. And today, I found a a link to this garbage. A libertarian blogger named Mike Linksvayer pinned a post commenting on the latest deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. Here’s what this do…

  3. […] A few brief notes on Thomas Knapp’s reply to my carping. Knapp writes: I pay more attention to American deaths, because my goal is to influence the opinions of Americans. Americans are the ones who can bring this debacle to an end. […]

  4. Former libertarian says:

    “Around 25,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed in this war. ”

    Killed by whom? All of them were killed by the US? Do you blame the cops for the murders of serial killers?

    Go fuck yourself.

  5. MikeIsRight says:

    Mike is right! Fuck the US troops! Better yet, fuck the US!

  6. Lee says:

    “Around 25,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed in this war. ”

    One thing you neglect to mention… This is a war fought of paranoia. You may pass 20 civillians one day, only to have those SAME 20 come at you with guns the next day. Therefore they are NO LONGER CIVILLIANS. They are armed terrorists. Just because their name is not on Al Qaida’s list or whatever list that is being gone by does not make them any less a TERRORIST. Grandma, carrying a gun and shooting at soldiers, is a terrorist. 12 year old girl, carrying a gun and shooting at soldiers, looses her civillian status, and is a TERRORIST.

  7. Lee, if all Iraqis are TERRORISTS the U.S. has lost and should leave immediately.

  8. hey guy says:

    First of your talking about the amount of Iraqi deaths compared to american soldiers deaths? Fuck you guy. I ride around these fucking streets everyday. These Iraqi’s target each other. In case you don’t know, they have a few different religions staying in this lovely city of Baghdad, and each religion hate each other enough to kill each other over it. We didn’t volunteer to be ‘slaves’ or ‘murderers.’ What would you do if you had people shooting at you? Would you just walk up to em and say hey man, you need to stop firing that weapon at me. The fuck you are guy. For a little bit of your knowledge, we can’t engage the enemy unless we are engaged. If it wasn’t for fuckin troops over here in the first place, and just like every other war, you little fucks wouldn’t be able to complain about how this shit is.

  9. hey guy,

    We didn’t volunteer to be ’slaves’ or ‘murderers.’

    I see that you’re one of those significantly lacking in the ability to think ahead department that I mentioned in a followup post.

  10. chris says:

    fuck the us troops they are murderes i got no love for them you dont represent me they rape 14 year old girls and expect sympathy fuck u

  11. leave it there says:

    hey guy is right on. if you hate the US so much get the fuck out. move to some country where you have no choice of what religion you can worship. Or better yet, move to Iraq and tell me how many US troops are shooting at YOUR friends. Read the news, more and more Iraqis are dying everyday, and are not being killed by US troops. They kill their own people moron. I’ve been in the Army for 14 years and have never raped anyone And sympathy, we don’t ask fo shit from assholes like you. Get your facts straight you tree hugging, tofu fartin, hippie fag. Fuck the fucks that say fuck the us troops. Meet me out back for some wall to wall counseling punk.

  12. […] I don’t follow Iraq closely, but recent headlines seem to indicate a turn for the worse and that withdrawal of U.S. troops is now on the table. […]

  13. Army guy says:

    Man your a fucking asshole, I should show you how big of a asshole I am and kick your ass.

  14. “Army guy,” please go to “leave it there” for tutoring. His argumentation is more sophisticated than yours. That’s not saying much, but you have to start somewhere. Good luck.

  15. SPC Smith says:

    I heard once “if you can’t stand behind our toops, try standing in front of them”‘. It’s a simple answer to the confusion you suffering. After that you will either become a soldier, or beg for one to save you. I do what I do to support my children. This country was built from war. The Revolutionary War it was made us a free country, still having troops keeps it that way. Fuck the men that give you your freedom? Fuck you, it can be taken. I’ve been to Iraq, I’ve talked to the Iraqis. What have done? Sat in some air-conditioned office, or living room, thinking of ways to exercise your first-amendment right, by talkin’ shit about the orginazation that provides it. You can bites the hands that fed you the right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, or you stand up, suck it up, and bite the bullet to do what I do. Sit in your recliner and talk shit, I got your back if something should happen. Come to the bar where I hang and talk shit, something will happen, and I’ll be on your back.

  16. SPC Smith, I enjoy your writing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    fuck this web site im drunk and i hope your moms get cancer and your dad dies from hiv and your sister gets raped by dogs and your aunt gets ran over by a car after she bloew your dad off fuck the world


  18. “im drunk” — stand tall!

  19. RightOnMan says:

    I thought about joining the millitary just to create “freindly” fire and destroy the US soldiers. I’d get out of this country that way, if I could keep from taking out my wrath on the drill sargent and soldiers while training. I think the safer option would be to start a coo. I think I spelled that right. F-the whole U.S. government in the A-hole with grenades and shite.

  20. youdon'twalkthewalk says:

    ahhhh you don’t really mean that rightonman…. lol. You guys talk big but there’s nothing to back it up… You want to kill American soldiers? You know where to find us, come on over to Iraq and give it a shot tough guy. lol, yeah start a coo man… put your life on the line for your cause… if you really believe in it that much. Anything else is just talk.

  21. SpinBoldak says:

    These posters are typical American 20 & 30-nothings, worthless pieces of shit all. What a wonderful country our troops are defending. What I would give to see them all fall into the hands of the Islamofascists. The males would be skinned alive, pickled in brine, then set on fire while still alive. The females would have their cheesy clits removed with a rusty, dull, pocketknife.

  22. Will one of you brave defenders of freedom explain how Saddam or Osama was ever a greater threat to our freedom than “our” Commander in Chief?

  23. Extreme Pacifist says:

    Support the Humans, fuck the troops.
    For every action, there is a consequence , or what comes around , goes around . The one thing that we all can do to stop the “go-around” that comes right after the “come-around” or karma , or World War Three, as it is known, is , to stop supporting the troops.
    I am tired of all the “anti-war” people marching, protesting, letter writing to the op-eder’s and the corrupt politicians , and always finishing their little protest statement with a ” We Support Our Troops ” .
    The Satanic Cabal that is responsible for all the wars and terror attacks throughout history , along with most of the crime and poverty here in the U.S. and around the world, do not care if you agree with their plans, they just don’t want you to get in the way.
    All of you can protest, and write, and march, and blog, and at the end of the day you say, “I Support the Troops” and the Cabal breathes a sigh of relief.
    The majority of people who sign up to fight wars usually do it for financial gain, although some join to “serve their country”, whatever that means.
    Most of the people dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, signed on for the free ride to college , and a large signing bonus.
    I can’t judge them for that, most people can’t survive in the U.S.A. today, without a college degree to get a high-paying job, but that doesn’t make it right.
    I support anyone who wants to live and let live, not interfering with , or harming others, especially, others in foreign lands.
    If you do go to foreign lands to kill, steal, and destroy, even if you don’t understand the error of your ways, I don’t support you.
    The day that the majority of people stop supporting the troops, is the day the Satanic Cabal will go quietly into the night, for they can not bomb, invade, rape, pillage, nor plunder the rest of the world without the troops.
    They will not go themselves to war, never have and never will. They get you to send your flesh and blood to do their dirty work.
    From the day your children are born, they program them to obey , and worship, the state , displaying the flag everywhere as a constant reminder to them that they must defend “freedom” and “democracy” all over the world, and telling them of the millions before them who have “paid the ultimate price” so that we may have this wonderful life called “Americana”.
    All wars throughout history have been started and ended by the ruling elite, a handful of Politicians and businessmen .
    They create the crisis that lead up to war , then wait for the masses to react, then explain that the only choice we all have is to go to war, and off we go.
    They profit mightily , of course, from the wars, but who has time to think about that during a time of war.
    They take away your God-given rights of liberty and privacy, but, we are at war , after all.
    If you criticize the war, they call you unpatriotic and a terrorist.
    The day that all people agree not to murder each other for the war profiteer’s gains , is the day I will support the people who have laid down the weapons of the State, and returned to the human race.

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