Delete the border, “towards a global network of movements against borders”, is promoting an anti-Minute man protest in San Diego. There’s a benefit for the protest in San Francisco on September 8 that I may attend.

Yes, these folks reject capitalism, whatever that means these days, but their other ideas are good, and if they think eliminating borders is going to sweep away capitalism, well … please continue to work on eliminating borders! I like this:

Migration controls hurt everyone’s freedom and privacy. Some of us are more directly targeted and affected by these policies, but all of our lives are being reshaped by them. We are in this struggle not only to reject and stop these racist attacks, but to move towards a world without borders, a world of liberation for all people.

And add the excellent Manifesto for the Abolition of International Apartheid to your network.

September 21 Peter Laufer, author of Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border (I have not read it), and economist Benjamin Powell are speaking at the Independent Institute near the Oakland airport on Immigration Wars: Open or Closed Borders for America? I doubt I’ll be able to attend, but I expect it to be an informative event.

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  1. […] I wonder about such things, so I had to ask: How do you figure the market system depends on not letting people move? If people were free to move across borders would you expect the market system to crumble? Why? […]

  2. […] Delete the border. The website ( now sports “international food and recipes, without borders.” Without any other information about the world, we must assume that anarchy has won. That was fun for a moment. […]

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