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The Semantic MediaWiki proposal looks really promising.

Anyone who knows how to edit articles should find the syntax simple and usable:

Berlin is the captial of [[is capital of::Federal Republic of Germany|Germany]].

Berlin has about [[Population:=3.390.444|3.4 Mio]] inhabitants.

All that fantastic data, unlocked. (I’ve been meaning to write on post on why explicit metadata is democratic.) Wikipedia database dump downloads will skyrocket.

There are also interesting proposals under Wikidata as well (though big forms make me uneasy), but those mostly seem more applicable to new data-centric projects, while the Semantic MediaWiki proposal looks just right for the encyclopedia. Gordon Mohr‘s Flexible Fields for MediaWiki proposal could probably serve both roles.

Once people get hooked on access to a semantic encyclopedia, perhaps they’ll want similar access to the entire web.

Via Danny Ayers.

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  1. Gordon Mohr says:

    I like the syntax. I like placing the plain english and semantic markup for the same ideas in close proximity. I’m not sure I like the casual interleaving of plain-english and semantic markup, with the markup providing the ‘value’ that appears in the prose…. it might strain either the prose, the precision, or both. Example:

    Summers in San Francisco are [[Average Summer Temperature:=59F|cool]].

    But maybe it’d work… I could see a mouseover popping up the ‘rigorous statements’ underlying links/hot areas of text.

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