Online IQ test scam

Jesus H. Christ, also known as James Christian, has a 144 score, a certificate of intellectual achievement, and is sending away for information from a diploma mill. Let me explain…

Someone posted to a mailing list I’m on the retarded suggestion that everyone on the list take the “Classic IQ test (NB rel=”nofollow”, and that is my suggestion to humans as well).

I recalled reading recently that the maximum IQ according to this “most thorough and scientifically accurate IQ Test on the Web” is 144. Like an idiot, I (or rather “Jesus H. Christ”) took the test, and got 144. No accomplishment–there are no hard questions on the test, unless you happen to be bad at remembering cliches.

I of course declined their offer to pay for an “in-depth analysis” of my IQ score, but today I received an email from Tickle tests:

Jesus, As a top-scorer on Tickle’s IQ Test, the in-depth analysis of your IQ score is FREE.

FREE! How could I pass that up? Well, I had to click past around two dozen “free offers” to get to my “free analysis.” Many of the offers were from diploma mills. I filled one form out in a completely misplaced hope to short circuit the process (I had to click past several more before getting to my analysis). They do make an effort to validate leads. I had to provide a real address, and they would not take “Jesus Christ” as a name.

James Christian of Hayes Valley, San Francisco, your PhD information packet is on its way.

The “in-depth analysis” when finally obtained, proved to be ever so slightly interesting, and not because it told me anything about my, ahem, intellect. The analysis says that a scoring 144 on the Tickle test corresponds to an IQ of between 134 and 144. So, even if that range is accurate (and there’s no reason to think it is), Tickle gives people a feel-good top of the range number. The analysis also lists purported average scores by U.S. state, ranging from 110 for Mississippi and West Virginia to 115 for the District of Columbia. Supposedly this test has been taken over 30 million times, so I’d expect averages to be much closer to 100, if the test were at all meaningful.

I found an abstract for one small study of online IQ tests:

This double-blind study utilized 60 participants placed into one of three equally distributed categories according to their composite ACT/SAT scores. Comparisons of the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) with internet IQ tests from,, and showed low to modest correlations, questioning the overall validity of web IQ tests.

One of the investigators has another abstract in these proceedings (p. 23) titled Web-Based IQ Tests: A Concept Whose Time Has Not Yet Come.

Here’s Jesus H. Christ’s certificate of intellectual achievement:

Maybe after James obtains a degree he can set up his own PhD certified testing service.

Update 20051128: A post from the person who sent the hey-let’s-everyone-take-the-tickle-iq-test suggestion to a list I’m on. (By the way, calling the suggestion “retarded” was a joke, mostly.)

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  1. Terry says:

    Good test but i have only 123 =(

  2. UberKuh says:

    As far as I can tell, the biggest problem with online IQ tests is cheating. The International High IQ Society is trying to prevent cheating with two new tests, each of which offers 2.4 billion item combinations.

  3. Toni says:


    It is an attractive certificate! I scored mere 138, so not pretty paper for me. The funny thing is, I intentionally changed some answers and it barelt afected the score!

    This test is fun but not really legitimate. It is good in that it encompasses a number of facets: verbal, mathematical, spatial, patterns, etc. but don’t put too much stock in it. It is far too cursory to be a true indicator.

    I know what you mean about the “free” offersm though! I’ve tried to be a laptop tester and figured by the time I complete all the offers, I could just buy one!

    Thake care.

  4. D. says:

    K well…I took it and thought that it was too super easy to be real. Is there anyone out there that know where I can take a real legitimate online test and free? I would really love to know. I also took the one that is on IQ test labs. I forgot the specific website. I scored about the same and the questions were still pretty easy, different, but easy…if your smart and have some common sense.



  5. Anne says:

    Took the tickle test for fun while my brain was in hibernation mode (after work) and was surprised to find I’m a mathematical genius! Not true. I thought the biggest problem with the test was no time limit. It was also heavily weighted towards maths intelligence and awareness of white anglo catch-phrases. As long as eggheads write these tests, nothing will change.

  6. awareness of white anglo catch-phrases

    Yeah, that’s what I meant by “unless you happen to be bad at remembering cliches.” You’re right, it is even worse, very culture-specific cliches.

  7. John says:

    Good evening.
    I too took the Tickle test. Got a 141 but am wondering how accurate it is. With James’ info from above, might only be a 131.
    Anyhow, if any of you know of a valid test site, I’d appreciate the info.
    Have any of you seen this one:
    It carries the MENSA name so I’m wondering if it might be a bit more reputable.
    Oh well, it was fun at least. :)

  8. Dennis says: is a scam. Many people have given them a credit card number and then have been charged for things they did not want.

    If you go to google and search for IQ tests … comes up as a sponsored search… on it and then go back about a dozen times… will end up charging them $.50 per click…..if enough people do that maybe they will go out of business.

    Just a thought…..

  9. heather says:

    well this blows everything. I thought I was sooper smart.

  10. Ray says:

    Sooper? ugh!!

  11. Jonathan says:

    I took the test and only got a 144 (just about 30 points less then my doctor given test) so I looked up the answers and retested and would you believe it was a 144 again. Go figure.

  12. John says:

    Apparently Jonathan isn’t as smart as he would like to believe since the article states at the top that the top score is 144. Maybe we should start by deducting 30 points twice from Jonathan’s IQ for taking the test twice and believing it then another 20 points the apparent shock at getting the same score twice. That should leave him somewhere below 100… LOL

  13. valentina says:

    please send me the IQ test

  14. Valentina, I think you just earned a low score.

  15. grant says:

    ok im only 15 and i scored a 131 so for some odd reason i think that this test is a scam if anything ever was.

  16. psycho san says:

    hmmm… it just so happens that everyone posting has above a 130? we must all be geniuses… or its a scam. and if johnathan’s 144 is 30 points lower than his doctor given score, he originally scored a 174… so, at about 5 standard deviations from the mean I.Q. score of 100 he is basically the smartest man alive. Johnathan probably has an I.Q. of around 70-75 for believing this crap.

  17. Encyclopedia Brown says:

    I was excited to score 136, and all set to go get myself a pipe and tweed jacket, until I found this site while trying to find out more about Tickle.

    So I put on my high-water pants (secured with both belt and suspenders), took the test again, and got 82.

    I must say the narrative was pure genius in the fine art of diplomacy:

    “Your Intellectual Type is ‘Inventive Inquisitor.’ You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.”

  18. Encyclopedia Brown says:

    Holy Stanford-Binet, Batman! I just noticed there is a link to Tickle at the bottom of… this very page!

  19. EB, I don’t control what ads run below. Tickle seems to be a heavy user of Google’s ad programs.

  20. M says:

    Your all assholes!

  21. sasne says:

    i’m only 13 and i just got a 133! now i feel super stupid

  22. jingi says:

    Well, M, we know what your IQ score is.

  23. shammy says:

    i’m worst. i am 17 and nearly 18 but i just got 118 for my IQ test. don’t you think i am stupid enough. but never mind i will try ma best next time to improve. a least i know that i have to be more hardworking and i know that there is a lot of people who is more intelligent than me. so, i will try my best next time in IQ test

  24. manikandan.v( says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    the truth is they only suggest the maximum I.Q. is 144, when in truth Albert Einstiens I.Q. was in the 180’s, and our late President Thomas Jeferson’s I.Q. was in the 240 range, thus proving the excidment of 144.I myself am only 13 but scored a 117 on this same test about three years ago.

  26. Anonymous says:

    sasne Says:

    July 1st, 2006 at 19:52
    i’m only 13 and i just got a 133! now i feel super stupid

    Acctually you are quite smart since president Bush has an I.Q. in the 90’s and an average is 100. So dont feel bad about someone getting 144.

  27. baidy boy says:

    I’m only 11 and faked my age ’cause i wanted to find my IQ and i got 127 so i think its a scam

  28. Paks says:

    I’m also 13 and i just took the test and got a score of 144. i’m supposed to be on correspondence but due to lack of discipline, i haven’t done any real schhol work in aboout 4 months!!!! this proves it……….it’s definitely a scam!!!!

  29. luke says:

    im 15 n mi iq is 134 yay

  30. Mark says:

    I have just spent the past 48 hours bragging to my family via. e-mail how F-ing smart I am. I hope to God they don’t find out that Tickle is a scam bolstering egos to push fly-by-nignt diplomas. I should have checked into this first before spouting off. Today, I sent off an application to enter membership into a 99%+ percentile society. When they recieve it, they are going to laugh their asses off! This is really embarrassing!

  31. Dawhna says:

    I sent the test to several of my friends and one just scored 170 today!!! I’m ashamed of my measly 127.

  32. Dawhna says:

    Ooops! My friend just emailed me and said her score was not 170
    but 117!!! Whew! Now we can remain good friends. She’s not going to
    leave and work for Bill Gates.

  33. speedie boy says:

    You have gone and ruined my day. I thought it was real. Although a little to easy. I scored a 141, I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with my paid one. A couple of years ago I had an extensive IQ and character profile done by my employer. It cost them $400-00 I took the tests over a period of 3 days, under constant supervision of the department psychologist. Strict adherence to the time clock. I scored a lowly 126 Accredited by Australian standard IQ. test for the Fed/Gov.

  34. DimlyBright says:

    So…does anyone know of one online that is closer to the real deal? The tickle tests are fun XD

  35. Vewy Smaat says:

    DinlyBright: International High IQ Society is one. To really evaluate your IQ it is best to have a professional psychologist administer the test. Further, IQ results grow with experience. Our actual intelligence must always be higher than our “performance IQ”. We use only a tiny fraction of our mental capacities! Tickle is, indeed, ultra commercial. But I have never paid and got full reports. The reports are helpful if you are revamping things. What is important is the development of our dormant intelligences, and Tickle helps to make the public aware of their potential but preys on the public as well by flattering the ego – everyone’s a genius if they take it 20 times. I take various tests many times to learn, for myself, how they are made rather than having it explained. That stimulates logic, math, pattern recognition, spatial, etc. perceptions. In many ways online testing does good in boosting cognitive functioning and self-esteem in a sarcastic and skeptical world. Also, there is a reason why the above people go for that kind of site rather than stamp collecting. Even if you take a test like Tickle Super or Classic repeatedly and gain points it shows you have the capacity to do that and more. Timed tests are not necessarily for real. In a professional situation – and I have been in 3 – you are mentally prepared and very alert in a stimulating environment with an expert kind of urging you on. At home alone you can get really uptight and nervous when timed. Neuropsyciatric labs are amazing and extremely accurate.

  36. KC says:

    Here’s a site that shows a guy who did different iq tests

    The max score on tickle is indeed 144, quite disappointing.

  37. lala says:

    I feel like an ass now. I’m 11 adn got a 137.

  38. La Mexicana says:

    I scored 131 and was smart enough not buying the report; I got it for free three days later and it made me feel really good cause, according to them, I happen to be an Insightful linguist. And I did not solve the test in my own language!! …now I can see the real thing.

    This is not so bad; by now, I have already set my own supremacy before husband, family and friends (let’s see for how long). Greetings.

  39. little bey says:

    just got a 141 like you – my ‘offline score is 149. Maybe the Tickling put me off.

  40. Adam says:

    Hello, I have done a couple of iq- intelligent qoutent tests and twice I achieved genius, the highest being 158, 147 on the high iq society honestly! And some of my iq test results are below average on other sites. I have been made confident that a lot of iq test facilities on the net are fallacious, inaccurate or scams. I think extensively that anyone’s opinion on their intelligence should be through other methods, although proper public iq examinations may be different. I am 16 if that provides any additional perspectives.

  41. Adam says:

    And I also wanted to comment on the statement about Thomas Jeferson’s iq. I do not reckon it would be as high as 240, in my opinion he would be on the lower scale of genius or near genius, like most president, prime ministers ect. And besides I have read, and it’s well accepted, that an iq over 200 is unmeasurable, by iq test’s capabilities.

  42. Moi says:

    I am 8 years old. I know my real I.Q. First off, I feel seriously discriminated against, I had to say I was at least 13 to do the test also I was not offered a PhD. I scored 144. I know this is not my real I.Q I do know that it is however the limit on the Tickle test in question. Tickle is possibly the stupidest site I have ever been on. I understand that not many of you will believe my comment, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Also I think that many of you scored really well.

  43. Bobby says:

    Yes, these results must be farcical. Only, they really aren’t incredbily false. Why don’t you look to see the answers to all the questions, and if you actually got them all right, then kudos to you. The scam here is that the quiz is so damned easy. Quite simplistic. 144 is the highest one may get, yes. And Einstein’s IQ was not in the 180’s. The only reputable “source” claims that it was in the upper 160’s, though there is in fact no evidence that Einstein ever took an Intellectual Quotient exam anyhow. Tickle is pretty lame, saying that you have an IQ of 144 because you can answer all those silly and trivial questions right. No offense to anybody who did not get them all correct. I am nineteen, not fifteen or thirteen. So is tickle a scam? Well, if you are looking for a real IQ test, then yes. Time must be taken into account in order for your results to be legitimate. 144 is certainly not the highest score possible, and Mr. 174, congrats to you lad. I do not believe you. I believe that you have an IQ of 174 as much as I believed Donald Trump when he said everybody he had trying to be “The Apprentice” had IQ’s of at least 230. If your IQ were so high you would have had no real reason to take an online, un-timed test. If a doctor times you and says you are a genius then why would you try a mediocre test? Do you have low self-esteem, or did you just intend to flatter yourself by approving your mental compacity since your last test? This is ridiculous.

  44. John says:

    Amen, Bobby.

  45. John says:

    I do not believe you, Mr. 174. If you’d gotten such a high score you’d have had no legitimate reason to take a crappy online test. I do not know why anybody who actually got around 174 on their timed IQ test would want to see how well they’d do on a simplistic, yet slightly witty examination like Tickle’s. Yes, 144 is the highest score one may attain on this test. Hooray. Sure, that is not quite right. In fact we know that there have been intellectual quotients much higher than that in the past. Nonetheless, if you got all of the answers correct, you must have something going on in your mind, despite how effortlessly you may have done so. Take a timed IQ test with a clinical psychologist: it is practically the same, the only considerable difference is that time is taken into account. Time apparently does have quite a bit to do with intellect. As for you thirteen year old prodigies, congratulations. This is absurd.

  46. justin says:

    The following list appears in the Book of Lists,
    Walleninsky, Wallace and Wallace, 1977, William Morrow &
    Co., and is originally from a study which appears in:
    “Genetic Study of Genius” Vol. 2, by Catherine Morse Cox,
    copyright 1926 Stanford Press. The IQ’s are estimated based
    upon various analytical elements, including performance
    before the age of 17. Presumably, these are on the Stanford-
    Binet scale

    1. John Stuart Mill (Philosopher, economist) 190
    2. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet) 185
    3. Thomas Chatterton 170
    4. Voltaire (Author, philosopher) 170
    5. George Sand (the only woman on the list; author) 150
    6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer) 150
    7. Lord Byron (English poet) 150
    8. Thomas Jefferson (President, statesman, author) 145
    9. Benjamin Franklin (Writer, statesman, inventor) 145
    10. Charles Dickens (English writer) 145
    11. Galileo (Astronomer) 145
    12. Napoleon Bonaparte (Military strategist, conqueror)140
    13. Richard Wagner (Composer) 135
    14. Charles Darwin (Scientist: theory of Evolution) 135
    15. Ludwig von Beethoven (Composer) 135

    So nobody you will ever meet will be anywhere near 150, just a thought.

  47. Frogguy says:

    I just stumbled on the tickle test and took it, with three beers under my belt (Australian-sized beers, that’s one quart of the bubbly stuff in all). Got 138. Was mighty miffed, had expected 150 plus. But consoled myself thinking:

    1. I was half drunk
    2. You can’t reliably estimate IQ beyond two standard deviations

    Which led me to asking Google about “IQ” where I learnt that… yes, as above, Goethe had an IQ of 200 (200, 185, you cannot measure the difference). And when did Goethe take a Binet test? And the Wikipedia was carrying on about the Flynn effect. I knew about the Flynn effect from Robert Ehrlich’s “Eight Preposterous Propositions” which I had reviewed for the Times Higher Education Supplement. Seriously folks, if the Flynn effect was anything but cloud cuckoo land vacuous theorizing, Archimedes would have had the intelligence of a slime mould.

    I am going to take the Tickle test again, under a different e-mail address, this time stuffing up my answers on purpose. I invite you to do the same.

  48. Sunder says:

    Whether the test was accurate or not is immaterial,atleast I got interested in IQ Tests.

  49. taj says:

    I found something approaching a geniuine IQ test that was timed and fairly rigourous at Like everywhere else they want to sell you something but you needn’t buy.

  50. ron says:

    i took the test 3 time and went from a 131 to 121 to 104
    how can this be accurate. could i loose 27 iq points in 2 months…..

  51. MARIAPAZ says:

    I recieved a score of 135 on tickle´s I.Q. test, twice. But if it´s a scam, where can I get a real I.Q. test?

  52. Izzy says:

    It was fun. I scored a 133 and guessed on some of the math. Simple, silly fun.

  53. absurdhero says:

    Age is NEVER a factor in IQ tests – your result is always adjusted for you – that’s why they ask you your age.

    Ahum…I got 136 too!

  54. Eddie Torgeson says:

    This Tickle thing is a scam. Period. I first took it in 2004 and thought it was suspiciously too easy. I declined their offer to sell me the certificate, but quickly received 2 e-mails from them telling me how, according to test results, extraordinary (sic) and gifted I was! Of course this is BS and the purpose of their e-mails was to try and sell me their garbage they call “Certificate of Intellectual Achievement”. I didn’t take the bait.

    A few days later another of their banners popped up while surfing the net and I decided to take the test again using my pet’s name and a different e-mail address. It was the exact same test I took before, and I decided to provide the WRONG answer to EACH AND EVERY QUESTION and see what happens. Guess how much I scored? 102!! That’s above average IQ in the USA!! A few minutes after that, I received a couple of e-mails from them telling me my test results indicate I have unique talents; and they were trying to sell me their garbage certificate.

    If someone got 0 of out 40 questions correct and yet that’s a score of 102 (above average), then you should by now understand what a bunch of scams Tickle Inc. is trying to pull on people!!

  55. Johnny B Good says:

    If you guessed that this isn’t my real name, then give yourself 5 bonus points.

    I took the Tickle Test, and not only was this alliteration intentional, but I got a 147. Now that I know for a fact that 144 is not the maximum score, many of the comments on this thread can be tossed into the baloney bin.

    For you logic fans out there, this observation does NOT prove the validity of the Tickle Test. That won’t stop me from bragging!

  56. JBG, there are multiple Tickle IQ tests. This post concerned the “classic” one, but I’d guess the others are just as bogus, even if they have different limits.

  57. Mark R says:

    ET’s comment above made me laugh and is about right on target. I took the test a few years ago when it was Emode web site. I guess Emode packed up and sold out to Tickle. If Tickle will now turn over thier management to Enron, Arthur Anderson and Worldcom – they will achieve beyond what their goals are now – to be the new Lipitor that all doctors agree you must get hooked on and operators are standing by. Call now to recieve a free line of crap in 3 easy payments.

  58. tickle? says:

    Tickle… You took an I.Q. test, with the word Tickle on the same page?

  59. JAZZER says:


  60. David Murray says:

    Tickle is a SCAM!

    I took the test and got an IQ of 140! Which I wasn’t going to argue with, I know that I’m above average intelligence. But the test did seem kind of easy. So I went back and filled in deliberatly wrong and random answers in a second try. Guess what? I still scored a 120 IQ! Which means tickle deliberatly skews the test results. I started thinking about their business model and it is obvious where they make their money. They want to sell you their in-depth analysis. Well, who would be interested to buy their analysis unless it was something they’d be proud of. So naturally, they want every person who logs in to think their a genious so that they will buy the results and buy a certificate, etc.

  61. David says:

    I am afraid the one at can’t be trusted either. I scored 153 on it by answering all the questions correctly: something has to be wrong.

    The test the nation iq test is fairly genuine and is available at (you need broadband).

    Also, I think the longer one at is accurate for an American audience.

  62. David says:

    Actually scratch that last site must have posted wrong link, can’t remember what it should be.

  63. Andrew says:

    Well I took the classic IQ test and scored 135, which seems too high. So I took the test again and got all the answers wrong(at least I think so) and got a score of 75. 102 is not the lowest possible score.

    For tickle’s part there are some things to consider. People lie about their scores and you aren’t likely to hear from those with low scores. So the average scores will look higher than they are. Also there is some sampling bias with online tests that prevent them from matching the general average(If someone is taking an online test they are generally at least literate). In addition, people cheating will raise tickle’s averages.

    The test is too simple to be very accurate since it does not take time or age into account. And the use of cliches tests knowledge rather than IQ. But you can’t expect an online IQ test to be legitimate.

    On another note, here is the basic summary for the 75 IQ result:
    “Your Intellectual Type is Inventive Inquisitor. You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.”
    I just found it amusing that it thought I should be a teacher…

  64. Alex says:

    I think it would be useful to add that anyone can design a set of questions-even a PhD- and standardize the scores such that the “average” is 100, with higher scores reflecting a smaller proportion of the population. A test may have internal validity (that is, the right statistical procedures) but not have external validity (that is, it may not explain wat it aims to explain). The late Prof. Stephen J. Gould wrote about this in ‘The Mis-Measure of Man’.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Only scored 131 on the Classic IQ test :(. Tickle does actually have another IQ test that it claims is more accurate, called the ‘Super IQ test’. It definitely gives out much lower results.

  66. Patrick says:

    YOU GUYS ALL SUCK!!! Rattling away on damn IQ TESTS….dont you have anything better…like invading IRAN; Damn Americans!!!

  67. Mark R says:

    That was IRAQ. IRAN’s next.

  68. Karl says:

    well, i know that tickle is a scam.
    But i have taken a iq test which i had bought, and have scored 156. Now the test says that it has a plus or minus 10 points for variance, so my actual score may be as high as 166 or as low as 146, but since even the low end is in the genuis range, i have no complaints. Oh, i am NOT 15 or 13 or any such nonsense. I am 39 years old, and have taken several iq test bought in stores in the last 20 years and all the results have been in the same general range….the first was a mensa test from a magazine. i remember that it said that the results could be forwarded to the mensa society and on the strength of those results mensa would contact me for more formal testing, which i never did…oh, and the tests were indeed timed, for those who believe that should be counted and included…

  69. Karl says:

    for those that may disbelieve me, all i can say is that i consistantly scored in the top 5 percent of the national percentile in all those CAT tests we used to take in school. and i took the Golden Horseshoe test when i was in gradeschool. and i was in Who’s Who in American High School Students two years running, from 84-85 and 85-86…

  70. Well Karl, obviously you are very proud of yourself. Silly you. You may be a genus however that was not your doing. You came that way. Beautiful people came that way too…Unless they have been through plastic surgery. Also intelligence and I.Q. are not necessarily the same and beauty and perception of beauty are also not the same. I hope you used your I.Q. for something purposeful.

    Aside from that I hope the Tickle tests are a scam; at least the super I.Q. test. I have never scored so poorly on a test as I did on the super I.Q test. I did fine on the regular one. Personally I think this stuff must be a scam because even if you don’t do that well when everything is summed up I still got my ego stroked.


  71. I tried to leave a reply, but was not able to submit it. JHC no kidding

  72. Helen says:

    Well, I used to be very intelligent and now I am as dumb as dirt according the the ‘Super I.Q. test’ by tickle.


  73. Christian says:

    The Tickle tests should be used for age ranges 10-15… there stupid but amazingly fun to do… however the results are quiter unaccurate…

  74. Reverend Distopia says:

    I’ve taken the Tickle test several times just for fun. For FUN! Oddly, they’ve actually corresponded with my “actual” IQ which I had done when I was a kid and when I was an adult. Not that I think the test is valid. Anyhow, to the person who says that you can never meet someone in the 150+ range, I’ve met one for sure, another possibly (that I know of, of course). The one I know for sure I actually had to drag the results out of her because she didn’t want to talk about the results (and I just know her well enough to know she wouldn’t invent them…that and she really is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met) the one I’m not sure about was highly intelligant but I could see this guy making the results up. The one I’m certain of was 166, the guy claimed to be 175. Anyhow, according to one of the poster’s data, I’m smarter than Darwin. Ha! But have I done a damn thing with it even approaching Darwin? Hell no. Just goes to show… anyway, you all know that Einstein actually had a hard time with math. He really had to struggle for years learning advanced mathematics before he could formulate general relativity. That, ladies and gentleman, shows hard work and perseverence, which probably got Einstein much further than his looking at sheep and pondering special relativity. Scientifically, the guy had a unique mind, but he was not that well rounded. He had to struggle with limitations, just like the rest of us.

    The moral of this story, ladies and gentlemen, is that knowing one’s own IQ is probably more of a hindrance than a help. Incidentally, any data purporting to know the IQ of someone who never took the exam is making a HUGE guess. I’m betting at least an error range of 20 points plus or minus. So don’t take this stuff too seriously. Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 85, but everyone was charmed by his ability to speak… we all have pluses and minuses.

  75. Reverend Distopia says:

    To add to the last post, one in every thousand people have rediculously high IQs, statistically. They don’t all advance humanity in any meaningful way. Don’t get so hung up on IQ!

  76. metalblade says:

    I just filled out 12 pages worth of Palm reading questions, and after clicking thru 3 or 4 “offers” I was then directed to a page where I had to choose from about 20 more “offers” where you had a little logo and a yes or no button, I clicked no on them and the page wouldn’t let me go any further or give me my results until I accepted all of the offers.. so I figgured, screw it, I don’t want to be spammed to death, so I figured I’d forgo the “results”… Advertising should be VOLUNTARY, since fuckin’ when is it supposed to be so intrusive? Is this supposed to make us want to buy their product?
    Tickle is a spam factory!

  77. ryan says:

    i got 109 and am only 13

  78. Ian says:

    I’m not surprised by the fact that the test average is coming out to about a 111 or 112, how many people do you think that score below 75 on the bell curve are getting on the internet and taking the test? It’s not very likely; I doubt a person with an IQ of less than 75 even has a computer or Internet access. So if the average score is off set by ten points or so I would say that is completely normal. Actually, if you take the bell curve and literally cut off people under 75 and then get the average score of a person within this new curve it would be about 111 or 112.

    P.S. I am a 128 IQ according to the test.

  79. Mike says:

    I believe that the test results are reasonably accurate. Meaning that amongst the 30 million who take the test, most are above average IQ to start with. Who else has the interest and drive to sit through 12 pages that aren’t required.
    Now I’m not saying my 140 IQ is completly accurate, but the way an IQ test is contrived is taking the average score amongst a control group. So I’d like to believe that our scores are accurate compared to most internet IQ test taking people.
    I”ve also taken the Mensa IQ test and scored a 130, so again while i don’t believe that Tickle’s test was as diverse and weighted more towards wasps. (no offense I’m one) It is a good standard for getting a rough idea if its worthwhile to invest the time in a timed, more difficult and sometimes frustrating Mensa IQ test.

  80. Mike says:

    One more thing, Remember Tickle is a buisness too. I don’t believe their practices are misleading, they are just trying to make a dollar as well.
    But, on the other hand if you’ve taken the test 5 times and landed a 170. If you really think that 170 IQ score is accurate. Go buy a rubix cube, drop out of school, get some Coke bottle glasses, call up Bill Gates and tell him that you are smarter then him and challenge him to appear on Jeopardy. If you win, apparently the test was right.

    Each time you take the same IQ test you are invalidating your results. Its supposed to be spontaneous, suprise, timed event.

  81. StupidGirl says:

    Yeah, just like everyone else that took the test, I am a super genius. It is great to be in such good company.

    I am wondering what it all means, though (intelligence, that is…I think we all know what the test means: we are big dorks with nothing better to do with our time than take a tickle test). Can anyone here define intelligence for me? When I was young, I always thought that it was the ability to understand how complex systems worked without having to have someone explain you. My father tells me it is all memory–a genius remembers everything. My husband believes it is intellectual curiousity.

    How do you guys define intelligence?

  82. satan says:

    i took a similar test at and i got tricked into filling out a shitload of spam forms ahhhh!

  83. Ms. Methodical says:

    I took the Super IQ Tickle test and scored a 131. I don’t know what the maximum score is on this test. I thought the write-up (below) was interesting because I agree with what it says about my logic but I have never thought of myself as a numbers person. As a manager in operations I am forced to work with numbers which is a constant challenge but I with experience I am getting more comfortable with using them. I agree that these things should not be taken too seriously but can help for those who like to take inventory and see what you’re working with or what you would like to work on. I don’t think anybody should walk away from the experience saying “i am a genius” or “i am stupid”. It is what it is, have fun with it – just don’t let them take your money. ;-)

    Score: 131: The way you think about things makes you an Intuitive Investigator. This means you have multiple talents and can do anything you set your mind to. You’re able to detect numerical patterns easily and are able to grasp the true complexity of the world, both in its details and in a more abstract form. You’ve got a sharp logical mind and are adept at using words to get even a difficult point across. The combination of all these things makes you truly brilliant.

  84. Mike says:

    I think that if you can improve and get significantly better at each IQ through practice or study, whatever, its meaningless. Isnt it supposed to determine a group of people that have something most can’t have?

    I scored a 126 on this tickle stuff, maybe im a 116, who cares really if I scored 144. My parents have IQs of 155 and 136, why? I think cause they are readers, smart in school, did the work to be that way, validictorians at there colleges, etc.

    Me I hate school, ,never paid attential to math or english classes, don’t study any math problems how to solve numbered equations so whatever I know naturally is what I know. If studying math and read a dictionary helps my IQ score then the IQ means nothing.

  85. Ian says:

    I just took the test for a second time and my score went from a 128, about 6 months ago, to a 133. What’s interesting though is that my math score dropped but all my other scores increased. Also, I have been studying a lot of language and verbal areas extensively for the past couple of months in school so the studying may have been the cause. Anyways, I’m starting to get the impression that these scores can be swayed (not significantly but to some extent) through hard work. I can also say that I didn’t really remember any of the problems from the last time I took it. However, they did seem familiar – though most valid IQ tests look virtually the same. This may of added to my score or it may have been the extra skills I’ve obtained over the past few months. Who knows?

  86. Steve says:

    Stephen Jay Gould got ripped into IQ tests in “The Mismeasure of Man”. He said among other things it was absurd to estimate the IQs of people in the past like Jefferson who had never taken them, and what was being measured was really the prejudices of the examiners.

    I find psychometric testing fascinating, but criticisms of it, especially in relation to IQs, are quite compelling. Even if IQs are valid, I don’t think online ones can be treated as a scientific measurement. For one thing, it is too easy to cheat.

    One interesting use of IQs was in the case of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg. They were tested with a version of the Wechsler IQ test, and 100 should be taken as average. The defendant who seemed most intelligent to many, Albert Speer, was in about the middle range of the test scores, with 128. General Jodl scored about the same, even though he had done distinguished staff work for the Nazi war machine. Gustave Gilbert, the psychologist who tested them, thought Speer smarter than Goering, who scored 138, and reflected that an IQ test only had a limited application as a measure of intelligence.

  87. Zaven says:

    funny thing is i also got 144, but no free certificate. probably went to my junkmail and i never got to see it.

    personally tho, i dont advocate in iq tests, yet alone online ones.
    i dont believe that 40 or so questions could determine ur whole intellectual capability.

    really the only reason i took it, was so i could then google the questions and laugh at all the people attempting to solve it in forums and what not.

    i was reaally bored man.

  88. Zaven says:

    “i dont advocate iq tests”******

    no “in”

    i made a typo but i guess its too late

  89. Hmm... says:

    Don’t boast or lie the test is O.K. but is really very incorrect for anyone aboive 135 IQ, if you want to know your correct IQ’s I reccommend mensa or not bothering.

  90. Aliceh says:

    I have taken this test and I agree with almost every comment on this page. The Tickle test is
    -A farce
    -A rip-off (if you are so silly as to purchase the ‘in-depth analysis)
    -A waste of time
    -not accurate
    -Extremely easy to cheat at (I scored 137, so of course I’m not nearly so smart as some, but I’m smart enough to question whether ‘at’ was the the correct word to end that the first sentence of the dash-point with)
    -definitely not an indication of how ‘smart’ you are, but more of how much time we all waste trying to prove how smart we are!

  91. What in THE WORLD says:

    directed to ron….the test may be a scam but if you honestly tried to score well and got a worse score from the last time taking the test three times then the tickle scam can’t mask the fact that you have the brain mass of the dumbest mentally retaded guy on the face of this earth…and Congradulations to the eight years old kid who can type words like he’s a sophmore in college

  92. A Programmer says:

    I took this test twice and scored 127, I was pretty happy with that seeing its only 2 points lower than my IQ test I took at sylvain. Then, I decided to retake the test and miss as many as possible to make the “retard” line. I answered everything incorrect and got an 86. How do get everything wrong, and still not make “retarded”? This test is as accurate as you’d like it to be.

  93. Kyle Street says:

    I scored 144 but my IQ is more like 1(:

  94. Lozzy says:

    Hi! I am 13 years old and i got 115 on the test! I definitilily think u can’t trust it! I wish they would give u a sheet at the end that has ur answers and the right answers on it!

  95. Piakura says:

    I am also 13 and i did the test and scored 144. This apparently is the highest you can score. After the initial feeling of “i”m going to be the next einstein”, i realised that an IQ test means nothing. They only ask certain questions and all IQ tests have very similar questions. People may be good at things other than what is in the test. IQ tests in general, not just this one, are not to be trusted.

  96. im only 2 n i got 141!! says:

    AGGGGG, you all should go out and take lots of ecstasy, so you dont have to think about damn I.Q tests valid or not. please fry your brains, it would make the world a better place without all you smart asses running around, making bombs and theories and religions and wars and shit.

  97. brus says:

    I dont know if the tests measures correctly, but its not like I read above, that if you answered all wrong you would still get around 120…. I took the test at first and got 135 (english is not my first language) then retook it answering the worst ones i could think of and got 75 which seems rather high for having failed miserably but still is below average

  98. James W says:

    I am 16 and was rather suprised when I took an IQ test that my school recommended, as I got 136.

  99. Visceral says:

    Throughout my formative years I was dragged across three continents, consequently examined, probed, drawn, and evaluated on each. The grounds for this abuse was the then-recent discovery that my aptitude was off the charts, exceeding the 99th percentile. I am not stating this in narcissistic effort to impress. In truth, I despise Terman and his imprudent minions, as they in essence robbed me of any semblance of normal childhood. Rather, I offer these details to unpretentiously confirm my qualification to make the subsequent assertion.
    As you revel on sanctimonious commendation, you should bear in mind, I.Q. is merely a number. In actuality, it has very little significance in contemporary society. As Edward Thorndike correctly postulated more than 80 years ago, one’s Social Intelligence, or ability to competently interact with others in social situations, inclusive your relationship-building abilities, will benefit you further in life than your ability to debate Plagens’ Theorii or recite The Syllabus Universum.
    As did Thorndike, I know that of which I speak. Despite my cerebral talent, at 43 years of age I am a socially-retarded individual. I have never held a job for longer than 12 months nor had a meaningful relationship that lasted longer than 6 months !

  100. Well, says:

    I too agree that they are all inaccurate. When I was thirteen I took some IQ tests just for fun and got anywhere from 140 to over 160 and I know I wasn’t a “genius” then, nor am I anything of the sort now.

  101. michelle says:

    I personally dont believe any of the acclaimations on this comment board. An iq of 130 or above is considered more or less gifted to a lower extent. Ive done the Tickle’s test and since there was no time limit and you could redo the test several times to change answers, i find its accuracy dubious.

    The High iq test societies tests are far more accurate by having time limits and not being able to redo the tests. I think you sought of have to redo the tests a few times when you first start because most people cant understand most of the questions, partitcularily the spatial and visual sequencing. Though with the HI.QS tests you will find that you will reach a ceiling affect and not move higher.

    I myself have a mensa and intertel level iq and trust me when i tell you, someone with an iq of 130 or higher you notice. They tend to talk very intelligently and have some form of gifted ability. And remember Einstein only scored around 144 on his test so realistically iq tests only measure certain facets of intelligence. They dont test creativity, abstract thinking etc. Autistic savant’s often score very poorly on iq tests but have extraordinary abilitys like photographic memory and accentuated creativity.

    The general statistics for this iq range is around 1 in 50 or 2% which i believe represents far more people worldwide than what i would expect, also its believed by some that iq tests are flawed when testing against people of different types of intelligents. Math, spatial and visual squencing is weighted differently to verbal which is thought to explain the asian-european gap of roughly 3 points. So in saying that iq tests themsevles i believe are not the best device use to measure intelligence.

  102. Traci says:

    Umm…..the person before me must be pretty freaking smart….my head hurts from reading that!…(I got a 117 on the Tickle Test…i must be dumb..haha)

  103. Anonymous says:

    do not be deceived by complicated words of certain individuals.

    having a dictionary inside your mind doesnt always mean that that individual is highly intelligent.

    we are all defined by our actions and by action we should measure intelligence of others.

    not by “smart words”.

    and besides not understanding complicated words does not equate to being “stupid” only unsufficiently educated.

    highly educated does not always equate to being highly intelligent.

    you can be the worst student in your school and still have a genius intellect.

  104. Truth says:

    I belive Freud said once that there can never be any test that can accuratly measure the power of the human mind…or maybe someone else said this…

  105. Dan says:

    Real IQ tests correlate with professions that demand higher aptititude. So they are good for something. . . However, whether these scores measure education level or true intelligence is another debate.

  106. Smartypants says:

    The truth is that some people are smarter than other people in nearly all categories. This is painfully obvious when you speak with someone that is smarter than yourself! I was given an IQ test in person as a child and received a genuis rating. I often feel a bit smarter than those I am speaking with, but I have also felt alot dumber than some. The speed at which some people’s brains work is staggering.
    I agree that some of us have special areas of intelligence that may not show up on a test. A good example of this is Randy Jackson. Here’s a guy that has little or nothing of interest to say on a little show called American Idol. However, this guy is a musical genius and has been one since he was a teen. He has played with some of the worlds best musicians in nearly every genre. He also has an extraordinary ear. He’s no less a genuis than a scholar or inventor. Or, think about your average rock drummer. Sure this guy has to sleep on his girlfriend’s couch, but he can physically do six or seven things at the same time. This is not a normal activity and no amount of training could wrap my brain around it. It’s a kind of intelligence I don’t possess.
    If we could learn to embrace different types on intelligence, and nurture them specifically, our collective future would be brighter!

  107. EBUS says:

    please submit iq test PHD certificate at my e-mail

  108. Lianna says:

    I scored 100 just clicking through, and new that some is wrong here:)

  109. Mido says:

    i scored 127 yesterday night and i am 16 year old from UK…is that good or bad????

    jst email me ur comments please on my email add at… Thank You

  110. Jonathan says:

    anll scores above 110 are quite good because that means you are smarter than half of all people ur age. but just to make u guys fell bad i scored 213 twelve and i did it for a twenty four year old

  111. Jonathan says:

    If u score within 90 to 110 that is expected so don’t fell bad. Often people lie about what they get. My IQ is considered beyond measurable genius in most ratings and I have a less than 60 in all my school subjects. Believe me, I would take good marks over nerdy any day. Also below 90 and you might want to talk to someone but if you know you aren’t stupid don’t worry. 110 to 120 is smarter than average and 120-130 is gifted. 130-140 is borderline genius and highly intelligent. 140-150 is genius and 150-180 is absolute genius. 180+ is less than 1,000,000 people score that and there are approximately 6,602,224,175. So that is almost impossible to get. about 1 in every 6000 people or more will have that. That statistic doesn’t sound right to large a number. basically, dont believe what you hear and being smart on IQ tests doesn’t mean much. People literally think im mentally retarted. Seriously, that’s why i had to take it.

  112. Jonathan says:

    Oh, P.S. the IQ test i am talking about is a different one. And i have OCD ADHD and disfunctional family. So it balances out. **** life….

  113. Krissy says:

    I am 12 years old, in 7th grade, and have grown up in the suburbs of California. I took this test and got 128, it was so boring a pointless. Since I’m only 12 and this test is for adults that have supposedly graduated from at LEAST Jr. high is my IQ actually higher due to my lower age, and that I’ve only graduated Elementary school???

  114. Krissy says:

    Opps, I’m talking about an online test offered by my school district, not this one but still, is my IQ higher than 132 because i am 12 and not 18 like i accidentally said?

  115. Johnny says:

    Duh people, IQ tests operate on the priciple ‘birds of a feather, flock together’.

    IQ doesn’t get higher as you age, it is a psycological assessment of behaviour. If you behave in certain ways (behaviour is highly inborn) you will do well on IQ tests, as well as in school and in the business world generally.

    That psycologists design and write the test should clue you into that fact.

    This also means potential low scorers are out partying, watching TV, or whatever while you people obsess about how smart you are or are not. They don’t behave in ways that are conducive to excelling in school or business.

    I had to take the Rorschach Test, IQ Test, and other tests in Kindergarten. I don’t know what I made on these tests but knew even as a 5 year old that me being forced to take them wasn’t a good thing. Maybe you should think twice about labeling yourself because then you are trapped.

  116. lou says:

    What significance does IQ have if George Bush and John Kennedy have the same IQ score? (119) when actor James Woods IQ is higher than that of Bill Gates, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln ? …when Madonna”s IQ is higher than George Washington’s? I think it is safe to say that we can be more proud of what we do with what we have.

    Tickle is a fun silly website and when they give us a good score, we should get the same charge we get when successfuly working a sudoku puzzle….no more. A legitamite high IQ score does nothing but stoke suffering egos. Its all about heart, determination and conviction.

    These are my earnest and serious thoughts about this subject…but I must say this website has had me laughing for the last hour. If humor is a sign of intelligence ( I think it really is ) then you are all geniuses..

  117. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I took their test as well. I have also taken a “professional” IQ test, Weschler. The Tickle test is not really that bad of a test, except that it is biased towards males, in that the questions are heavily weighed with mathematical questions, spacial measurements and manipulations of objects. These kinds of questions are easier for males to answer. Women score better on verbal questions and fund of knowledge questions. I scored about 150 on the Weschler but only 129 on the Tickle test. Your score is probably pretty accurate and you are probably more intelligent than you think. The questions on that test were not that “easy”, as you say. Most people score much lower than you did and even than I did!

  118. Allen Automaton says:

    I sometimes take these tests just to exercise my conventional mind when the cobwebs form. I usually hit between 135/140. The more difficult tests, like Mensa and The High I.Q. Society, I score between 125 and 135. I can’t stand being timed, though. I have extreme test anxiety if time is factored. I can handle a limit to a test to finish, but not as a looming specter gnawing at my psyche within every question. I’m a poet/writer anyway. I just have to eloquently translate my twisted perception of reality to an audience primarily made up of social pariahs. Attempts to assign our minds to intelligence castes are fatuous fascist concepts. Pavlov would be frothing at the mouth with the way society is developing new ways to condition the minds of the masses. Take all things with a grain of salt. Cum grano salis

  119. tickle_is_bogus says:

    I took the tickle test randomly picking choices and without reading the questions. I got a IQ of 95.

    That means I placed in the average IQ, according to other IQ sources. That means tickle is completely bogus; it would imply that a person with an average IQ is no better at this test than a random number generator.

    It seems pretty obvious that tickle inflates their scores, probably to get people to talk about their perceived genius.

  120. Glamourgurl77 says:

    I have a Sincere Feeling That ALOT of People on this Thread are Lieing
    Completely about Their IQ Scores. According to my Heavily Researched
    Understanding only a very small Percentage of the Population will Score Even
    Close To 130 on any Given IQ Test. SO GET REAL PEOPLE!

  121. oh yea baby says:

    blamourgurl77 just lost 10 I.Q. points for not realizing that is a WORTHLESS SCAM and not a legitimate I.Q. test. According to Tickle, everyone who isn’t brain dead is a genius!


    Here’s a question for ya :-P

    Anyone who misses any of the Tickle questions should
    1. stop drinking alcohol
    2. stop smoking dope
    3. ask that any diplomas and degrees they have earned be revoked
    4. Get more sleep
    5. all of the above
    6. options 1 & 2 & 4

  122. James says:

    Wow – everyone on here is really clever. I tried exceptionally hard at the test and got 98.

    I usually only score in the region of 80 so I was happy, but it seems I may have been somewhat delusional as IT’S JUST A SCAM.

    OK – I’m off to end my miserable, benighted life. Perhaps that will pull the human race’s average up a bit.

    Goodbye forever, cruel world…

  123. Nick says:

    i took the test on and i got a 146 and im only 17

  124. Just A Thought says:

    I took the tickle test, but can’t remember the score. My thought is that is probably a little inflated. I resently had a Wechsler IQ test given to me by a real professional. The scores are seperated into a verbal, a performance and a full scale IQ score. The tests that meause mostly verbal abilities (as in the cliches mentioned above) would probably give my a very high iq score since my V IQ is very high, whereas my performance ability was considerably lower-a full 22 points. My conclusion is that the online IQ tests are not very accurate as they have a fairly narrow scope for measurement.

  125. Jim Chaffee says:

    I did my PhD work in mathematics in stochastic differential equations, partial differential equations and Lie groups, then worked in industry mostly with GPS and was officially scored on the WISC test administered by certified psychologists in the 70s after leaving the military (and before attending university) in the high 140s. I got 91 on this test. Kind of interesting. Not sure why I bothered to take it except to see if it was bogus. And I must admit, they did not give me much information regarding my results except the score. Wanted me to pay for the full results.

  126. Jim Chaffee says:

    Just took the test again and gave different answers and got the same exact score and report. This is a scam.

  127. Jim Chaffee says:

    Don’t think my last post made it. Maybe I just am not seeing it. But I took the test again, gave different answers and got the same exact score and partial report.

    In other words, it seems to be a scam. Maybe if I paid for it, but since I’ve had at least two IQ tests (one WISC and one Stanford-Binet both comparable, administered by two pros) I don’t really need this one. Besides, I read McKean’s Stochastic Integrals and Folland’s book on PDEs from Princeton Univ Press for my orals, among papers and books on Lie groups and other stuff, so know I have a modicum of intelligence. My work in industry didn’t seem bad either, with my published papers and patent work. Not to mention running my own R&D company before retiring.

    The best IQ test is to learn something highly abstract and then use it.

  128. Jeremy says:

    Hay, guys. Iq’s above 200? Where did you get those numbers? You’re just sounding like an idiot. Anyway, check out the test at . I scored a 136 on it, which it says is in the “gifted” range. I was enrolled in the gifted program when I was in school, so that score may make sense. Also, to check teh validity of the test, I took it under a different email address, intending to answer all of teh questions wrong. Well, I answered all but one question wrong (whoops!) and got a 51. This may be a little high (I’m not really sure what kind of math goes into calculating IQ), but within one standard deviation, the score is 31-71. The lower score seems to make sense. Also, the average IQ overall was about 112. Knowing that the average on most Iq tests should be 100 even, I would say that this test seems fairly accurate (112 is within one standard deviation of what we know should be the mean). Can someone else try it and compare it to, say, the one at

  129. Jeremy says:

    Try the test at
    *note: not sure if my last post went up, so if this is redundant, I apologize.

  130. emily says:

    Real IQ tests are normed for age (so older does not mean a better score), can only be taken once a year, and typically have a maximum limit of 160. There are IQ tests with higher upper limits, but they are not typically given unless genius is suspected. Therefore, the average person who goes in for IQ testing will not be able to receive an IQ score of greater than 160. Also, IQ scores are computed based on norms — including environmental norms. Any IQ test that you can take from a computer at your home is not going to be accurate regardless.

  131. matt says:

    read the wikipedia entries on intelligence and iq testing.
    it seems that most iq testing tests test-taking ability (staying calm, focusing etc.) more than any actual intelligence marker, as well as being culturally and class biased.
    intelligence(s) is a disputed thing, we don’t really understand that well yet so…

    online testing is motivated by other things than a desire to reveal true intelligence so I consider it suspect

    really just page after page of advertising to look at while you bask in the glow of your own greatness

  132. matt says:

    re: above

    of course that is how it is planned or supposed to go, but we, notably US, who all scored well and spend the time looking at other people’s critical and suspicious musings about the authenticity/validity of an ONLINE test know better. we know better because as shown by the very tests mentioned we are all obviously smart enough to know that we are not as smart as we think we are (though deep down there is the sneaking suspicion…).

    and can you believe while away from my computer, still thinking about this I actually wrote down this comment on a scrap of paper to later transcribe (as I am now) to this here web page ’cause I thought it might be funny and as mentioned above (by lou in Aug 2007) that humour is a sign of intelligence, I really am hoping after all that this counts for something….
    jesus h christ!!

  133. pretty chick says:

    I had to take the tickle test as part of my undergraduate degree program. My degree is highly reputable, with our department receiving a five star teaching and research assessment. In fact, the University of Glasgows’ Psychology degree is one of The British Psychological Societys’ accredited programs, and I was ensured by my professors that the test was reliable and scientifically valid.The website is immersed in commercial rubbish, however, which doesn’t make it appear credible, and it seems a bit crap.
    That said, if we are all truly intelligent individuals shouldn’t we have the I.Q level to look past appearences and rely instead on scientific research?
    Oh yeah, my score was 140, so I’m going to blow sunshine up the tests ass!hee hee hee.

  134. rasmus says:

    it can not be a real iq test i got 144 and im only 15 years old.

  135. Jessica says:

    Aah, just like a real tickle, it’s meant to make me feel good. IQ 134..But i took another IQ online with a “PhD” certifided stamp *cough*bullshit*cough* and scored a 127, so no MENSA for me…but i don’t like to be tickled anyway, so i will survive.

  136. pretty chick says:

    psychologists are aware that iq tests can be improved with practice, but research also tells us that people will not increase more than i standard deviation (around 15 points) regardless of how many times a test is sat, unless they confer. and that goes for all tests. in a perfect world people would only sit tests once and that would give an absolute score, but the fact is practice with psychometric tests improves your score and very few people only ever do one psychometric (i.q) test. all the teenagers who have high scores actually feel quite good about themselves and are using the convenient guise of slagging off the test to broadcast their score.

  137. Genius says:

    I scored 140 and i’m just a kid in highschool (12/13).
    And I dont think they take into account your age either…
    (yes some tests do)
    Later I put I was 83 years old and got the same score…

    There is definitely something wrong with tickle…

  138. upsidedown says:

    I scored 126 when I was 19 on fickle. Today I went to this site They actually have more challenging questions. I scored 141. Dunno if this test is genuine but it seemed more convincing than tickle.

  139. Neo says:

    The Tickle ‘Free IQ Test’ has one main purpose. To get you to pay for an “in depth analysis” and a subscription to take more tests.
    If they give anyone an average or below average score then the test itself has failed. Nobody will pay to find out how they are average or below average.

    The higher scores they give the more likely they are to get your money. It’s that simple.

  140. LoniRoni says:

    When I took one of the 2 they offered, I scored notably different in each. That’s not hard to figure out. Unfortunately, I initially believed it, and was (now covering my face) bragging about it…

    Then, I looked a bit more into it and saw all the “scam” claims and thought, “Gee, that might make sense,” while slapping myself repeatedly in the head. I took both of the tests again, and another from a different site and got an average of 134, which was surprisingly NOT as uncommon as it should have been given the average.

    Yeah, I was pretty let down by that. I thought I was smart. :( I need to find myself a legitimate one, because now I think I’m an idiot. :P

  141. anon says:

    i took that damned test and i always get edgy and anxious when i do these tests as when i was 11 i did badly in the 11 plus exam whose purpose was for streaming us into A’s B’s C’s and D’s (D = Deficient!)

    well I got a c? so my mum stormed up to the headmaster (whose fault it was not!!) and insisted I got the chance to go into a B? so they allowed me and I then proceded to be 1st in the French class——-so what the hell do these tests prove?? damned all and i like reading , writing , teaching english as a foreign language , got my o level french and german and then went to france for 4mths and Germany also for 4 mths and they are trying to tell me on this bl——-dy test that I am a failure again(!!) having got a miserable 83 and that I was below average and i could get more information if I paid a considerable amount through pay pal ……..I ask you?? I was shocked and evybdy has a different kind of intelligence I think, and you just can’t say sb. is subnormal through some stupid test (when you get nervous anyway and think the questions are ambigous etc….) Load of…………….b………sh……t!!!

  142. man im 11 years old and i got a 144 plus in school i have all a’s and i got an award from the education system of the government

  143. yashika says:

    i feel dissappointed.i got 136 on the tickel’s iq test

  144. ooooooooooze says:

    hey! I took the tickle test and got a Q. Is that good?

  145. Anonymous says:

    sweet i got 137

  146. Adam says:

    I agree that most of these online tests are suspect, at best. They are simply too cursory to provide accurate results. That said, even a legitimately assessed intelligence quotient tells you far less about a person than those with high I.Q.’s would like to believe. To liken the mind to a computer, the I.Q. would be comparable to the chipset. You can have the newest, most high-performance chipset made, but it’s all for naught if you’re running with $#!+ software! Unfortunately, many people with high I.Q.’s seem to be running Windows. At least, their “O.S.” seems to be just about as efficient.

    -I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.-

  147. Adam,

    Very funny. I don’t think you were being very serious, but what sort of “Operating System” could one have in one’s mind that would not impact IQ test score but would impact “efficiency”? Religion? Sex? Power?

    Separately, I wonder how actual computer Operating System use correlates with IQ test scores…

  148. Adam says:


    Religion, Sex, Power; all are good examples, seems to me. Pride would be another. Personally, I am religious (or, I try/want to be) but, not to let myself off the hook, I may be a good example of the very thing I just described. I have a legitimately tested I.Q. of 154, but I do some pretty stupid things sometimes. Lol, takes one to know one, I guess. ;D

  149. cw says:

    What is intelligence? All cultures differ in what makes up intelligence. Even the experts cannot agree on what intelligence is. Even if we could agree on what qualities that made up a person’s intelligence were, we can never be sure we have the tools to measure them – Psychologists are still trying to measure the quality of things they do know.

    IQ tests were originally used only to separate the normal kids from the mentally challenged ones.
    The tests quickly progressed to a parlor activity and it still is a parlor activity.

    If you want to improve your IQ score, do more exercises that simulate questions on these IQ tests. Your score will improve dramatically.

    In other words, a person’s intelligence, at this point cannot not be measured nor is it always stable.

  150. Adam says:

    CW, Amen! While intelligence is roughly defined as one’s ability to solve problems, the problems presented in these tests tend to be quite culturally biased. On top of that, as one can see from all of the comments on this blog, I.Q. tests have degenerated into a mere tool that assists one is “ducking his own sick” (if that makes no sense to you, don’t worry about it).

  151. Celeste says:

    I took the tickle test (in early 2005, I believe) because everyone in my group at work had taken it and wanted me to take it. I scored 147, so this notion that the highest possible score is 144 is incorrect, unless it changed after that. They praised me highly for doing well in all of the areas that they test and called me a “mastermind”, but they didn’t offer me anything for free. I do not know my “actual” IQ.

    I met someone who gives IQ tests for a living. She tests for learning disabilities at a community college for the purpose of allocating resources such as tutoring. She says Stanford-Binet was originally designed to test compliance and the ability to follow instructions and that “a creative person doesn’t stand a chance”. That’s an exact quote.

  152. k N says:

    yes, also get a free report with the same top achiever thing. I think they’re sending it to everybody =__=

  153. Justin says:

    I scored a 136 on the tickle test on my first try, which is actually lower than my score of 139 on the Stanford Binet. While the online test was simpler, much shorter, and in essence easier, both tests were pretty formulatic.

    I think it’s a common misconception that IQ scores can’t be raised much. I’m sure that a person’s innate “intelligence” (whatever that means) is fairly fixed. But just how well do IQ tests really measure intelligence, after all? For starters, they are damned predictable; they all share similar questions and can be solved through memorizable procedures. On top of this, if the tester can eliminate such damaging variables as nerves, drowsiness, distractions, phyisical discomfort, hunger, thirst, emotion, poor confidence, etc (!) he can up his score. And, of course, the more you practice the better you get. Intelligence as a whole may be mostly finite (although I doubt it), but IQ is not!

    This is not to say that some online tests don’t inflate scores. However, I don’t think score inflation is as drastic or commonplace as people here are parroting. A good way to test such claims is to answer randomly and then see how well you score. Try this on the International High IQ Society website and you will score low.

  154. Rod says:

    I suggest it is the concept of an “IQ” itself which is the scam rather than particular tests.

    I found the tickle test results to be consistent with other on-line tests, with the exception of the purely pattern-based versions. These tests are however testing a different skill, or aspect,of an individual.

    Provided results are statistically based, you can see how you compare to others on the same types of mental tasks. Ironically, those who artificially push their scores up are pushing the averages higher..

    I’m not a believer in there being a single concept of intelligence. I suggest some of the comments here demonstrate this.

  155. The Reaver of Darkness says:

    Obviously, this isn’t an official test, but I’d like to point out two things: first, IQ score was developed back when the average was 100. Education affects it a lot. Also having your mind in a critical thinking mode helps a lot.
    Second, they do offer a different test for people with high scores, with harder questions. They do say on the site that the main test isn’t accurate beyond a certain point.

    I scored higher on the advanced test, perhaps some of you will too.

  156. Mike says:

    LoL, these tests are selling you the idea, the belief, the PROOF, that you’re smart.

    if you believe it, then you’re pretty dumb. especially after taking their moronic “test.”

    And Reaver, real IQ tests are adjusted every year or so that the average is always 100. 100 is defined as the average.

  157. Intellectually deficient homosapien says:

    We ur all jeeneeusus. I skored test on 160 mark. It wus naught that hord as i think it was. I yoosed my money to get it on the paper to show people that I hav the IQ skore that high!

  158. kiwi matt says:

    contrived. All of you

  159. Marc says:

    I have taken a real iq test, and it is nothing like these online ones. It’s really on the way you think.

    My real iq was tested at age 11 for any signs of ADHD and my iq is 121.

  160. Shubham says:

    i m really very excited about the IQ.It really helps us a lot.plz send me the IQ test soon on my id.

  161. Shawn says:

    its SOOO gay, u have to buy your answer for 10 bucks!!

  162. Tad says:

    Uhh, anyone else realize that just about everyone commenting here has scores in the 130 to 140 range. I got a 141 on such a test. I highly doubt there are that many people who have such high IQs. One of my questions was something like, “The numbers ‘5-3-7-5-8-1’ backwards are ‘1-8-5-7-3-5′”. Of course I got all the questions right. They’re ridiculously easy.

  163. Billy says:

    I got 144 on my test and I’m only 6 years old, is that good???

    Ha ha..take that all you 13 year old so called genuises :p

  164. billy says:

    I scored 180 and I’m 1 and a half. Take that you 6-year-old.

  165. TJF says:

    Give me ten bucks and I will pat you on the back and tell you your smart, start lining up.

  166. ryan says:

    someone needs to inform this genius billy that your I.Q. isn’t something that changes with age

  167. Ryan says:

    oh and btw legitimate iq tests are observed by phd holders and timed, and also extensive and generally the questions aren’t knowledge based as your intelligence is your ability to learn not how much you know. how smart you are on the other hand is knowledge based. actual I.Q. score 163 I am a high school dropout that got accepted into over thirty schools due to my act score, which i took stoned. It was a 33. i think all of you are wasting your time thinking any of these online sites are legitimate i simply do them when i’m bored to see how my score changes based on my state of mind.

  168. Dumb IQ says:

    Its scary that people sign up for these scam programs. You have to be a little dumb if you sign up for a $9.95 per month mobile billing service to get the results of your 5 question IQ test.

  169. Tam says:

    dang people are still commenting after years.. anyways what do u guys think of these online tests : and legitimate or no? They seem like it because they’re sponsored and everything but i don’t know. i took both and got around the same score

    and wow Ryan u sure are one lucky bastard :D

  170. IQ TEST FAIL says:

    I’m 13 and i got 150 on the IQ test >.> Kind of odd.

  171. Smart Guy says:

    Ok, 3 things…

    1. If everyone posting to this blog really and truly had an IQ score of 130 or better, then why is it that no one here can produce one grammatically correct sentence?

    2. These online tests truly were meant to be nothing more than a fun and meaningless online test. Last time I checked they haven’t replaced the ACT or the SAT (both of which are only made available for a fee). I don’t know of any professional organization that takes these seriously. In fact, they may even be used to determine anti-intelligence based on who believes in this garbage.

    3. They are utterly useless. I do design work personally, anyone who wants a worthless piece of paper stating they are a genius can contact me and I’ll sell you one for $5. Then, when I take your money and give you your piece of paper, I will be the truly intelligent one for being able to take advantage of your intellectual inabilities to decipher fact from scam. Try showing your certificate to a college and see if they accept you.

  172. Miqu says:

    A friend of mine scored 105 on the test of International High IQ Society… So no, not everyone gets the score of a genious on those. I got the same level of result as could be expected based on my other tests, exactly 130. My guess on why a lot of people score such high scores would be that people who are more intelligent than the average in terms of IQ are the ones who primarily do these tests and that nobody wants to make a low score known, not even online.

  173. Anonymous says:

    muhahahha just took one skipped 2 questions that didnt make sense and i got a 143!!! how did i get my score without paying 10 dollars in monthly phone bills you might ask? well i clicked exit disappointed that this iq test was yet another scam and it said exit? you sure? i clicked no and walla! there it was… i know have one more fake iq test 143 under my belt thank you very much =)

  174. Jean says:

    I got a score of 143 on the test. Is this accurate?

  175. Joanna says:

    this site is a bitch. They say its free then after you finished the test they will ask you for money to get your certificate!!!!!

    I was blank for ideas so instead of thinking much of the answers I just answered without thinking much. so I think my IQ sucks so who would care ?


  176. David says:

    I’m not gonna rant on.
    I’m just gonna say…
    these IQ tests are PURE BULLSHIT!

  177. Rosalyn says:

    I got 143 on highiqsociety, 158 on I went to MIT and was top of the class there. Never took any real test offline. My classmate at MIT got around 160 on, 140 on highiqsociety. They’re probably not as good as offline ones, but for ballpark figure they might be good enough.

  178. Molly says:

    I GOT 152 suckers.

  179. Jarimar says:

    I think the subject of IQ testing is in itself a test.
    In showing interest upon our intelligence is foolish don’t you think?
    I mean I know my strengths and weaknesses, and so should anyone with common sense.
    Therefore why test? Besides schooling and your profession of course.
    I feel stoopid, yes stoopid (stupid) :) in just admitting my participation of said IQ testing
    But I confess.
    I’ve had various scores, of which I don’t feel are relevant.
    And simply because of my part taking I would give myself a 10 lol.

    I’m a kid I have reason to doubt my intelligence.

    Remember this, you never stop learning.
    And you’re success should not be measured by sole intelligence, but rather your ability to apply your abilities.

    A common 16 year old

  180. chuk says:

    i got a 147

  181. thinksmart says:

    i got 140

  182. Deliverance says:

    How you guys do that?? 144?? Mine says 65.

  183. Anna says: is a scam also!! (Well, they are misleading). My daughter just took a 201 question FREE test and at the end they said I had to pay $19.99 to get her results!! I was beyond irritated!!! After frantically searching through the website and skipping through what felt like a million ads I finally went back and saw that in tiny print it says that the results report is $19.99. I know there are laws against false or misleading advertising!!! So this is my warning to others… do not take the Fun Education ( “free” IQ test unless you are ready to pay for your results!!

  184. Ignis says:

    I’ve taken a dozen “free” IQ tests and score consistently between 130-140. There is no way I am this intelligent, I’m not a top 2% kind of guy. I think what is happening here is the companies offering “free” tests are displaying artificially high scores so that when people see they got a score of 140 they’re more likely to pay for certification. Who the hell would want to pay to display an IQ score of 115 on their wall?

    I’ve never done it but I think your best bet for getting an accurate test is to pay to take one -in person-.

  185. Pittman says:

    LOL…Means zip any of it..


    AFTER ALL… aborigines could surely teach most of us something relative to their environment. where most “Civilized” peeps would croak.

    I was tested young at 139..they wanted to know why I was failing. It didn’t occur to them of course… that after being a straight A student, I suddenly looked around and thought.. my God these people are all is this test.

    I find the greatest indicator of Intelligence is a precursor.

    And after reading these comments..MOST of you are freaking …brilliant.

    I remember a story according to Bill Gate who said (allegedly):

    “I went to Harvard to find someone smarter than myself and came away disappointed.”

    Just remember the source… just ask for anything..and something will tell ya. Peace..✨

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