God bless this jurisdiction

One of my favorite words of late is , used instead of , , or .

This occurs to me because Creative Commons has had to use jurisdiction rather than country, as the former is more neutral, important to some in cases where distinct legal systems exist within one nation state (e.g., and ) or where nation states do not recognize each other as such .

It happens that this use is a good fit for my antinationalist agenda. A country or nation is easily anthromorphized as the or , personified in the form of a ‘great’ leader, thought worthy of cultish loyalty and sacrifice, blessed by a diety, and nearly always constitutes a geographic monopoly.

‘Jurisdiction’ by contrast sounds functional, neutral, even neutered. Jurisdictions often overlap. A jurisdiction is something to be arbitraged, a country is something to live, die and kill for. An individual to a jurisdiction is as an employee to an employer, an individual to a nation is as a serf to a lord.

Smash the state, call it a jurisdiction.

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  1. […] Note that I don’t really care about which jurisdiction or jurisdictions Taiwan, Tibet, the Spratly Islands or elsewhere fall under. One jurisdiction, n systems would be preferable to the current arrangement, if the former led to more freedom, which it plausibly could. I post some independence-oriented links simply because I know that questions of territorial control matter deeply to states and my goal here is to increase my FCR. […]

  2. […] Not to mention better than flying the flag of a jurisdiction. The beauty of the Net Prophet is that it is not merely a symbol for free speech, it is free speech (where “free speech” is communication that someone wants to forcefully suppress). […]

  3. […] There are many holidays around the world that have their origins in revolution, e.g., Bastille Day and the Fouth of July, but these are mainly celebrations of the jurisdictions that followed revolution and their supposed national identities. […]

  4. […] Anyone who professes to care about inequality and does not call for complete freedom to move, live and work across jurisdiction borders is deluded by the fog of jurisdicitonism. […]

  5. […] On this Memorial Day (U.S.) I honor draft dodgers, deserters and others not stupid enough to be darwinized at the command of their parentlandjurisdiction’s politicians. […]

  6. […] There appears to be lots of debate about all of these numbers, take them as approximations. With that caveat, consider that in the territory the jurisdiction of Israel controls or has military dominion over (Israel proper, the West Bank and Gaza) there are about 5m Jews and 4.5m Muslims with the latter number increasing faster and more solidly religious than the former. […]

  7. […] entire collaboration industry. The more remote collaboration is effective, the more location, and jurisdictions, can be treated as subjects of arbitrage rather than held in esteem by bound […]

  8. […] dodgers, deserters and others not stupid enough to be darwinized at the command of their parentland jurisdiction’s […]

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