Muhammad with camel

The first thing to note about the is their timidity.

The timidity of the selection turns out to have been pure genius (mine would have aimed for maximum depravity) as it highlights just how bizarre the reaction has been.

Many have expressed disappointment in the tepid support for free speech from many western governments. I am completely unsurprised. The U.S. government and its allies have taken on around as constituents. The government of Denmark has more freedom to do the Wright thing.

As I am on a very minor photo remix kick, here is my contribution to the universe of images of Mohammed:

muhammad licking camel asshole
licking a camel’s asshole under orders from .
Original photo by Saffanna licensed under cc-by-2.0.

I believe this image complies with putative , though some may claim they see him in the camel’s face. (Yes, this is a remix with zero diff.)

How do I know Muhammad and not Jesus is with the lucky camel? Because a camel couldn’t feel an imaginary person‘s licks.

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  1. Your last paragraph is very funny.

    You’re brillant.

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  6. Beavis says:

    This is all extremely humorous and will probably end badly for many innocent people. That’s why it’s so funny – arguing about fables and how many flying monkeys can dance on the head of a pin.

  7. muhammmed kamel says:

    i think you stink..all of you to make fun of a dead man .. i think also you are a punch of losers..who did nothing in your miserable life to be worthy off so you are picking on someone famous whom you have never even met just to get a shot at stardom ..fuck you all

  8. MK, isn’t cursing haraam?

  9. Albanian and NON Islamic says:

    Hahaha, this is cool.
    Alexander the Great was Bisexual so the same as Muhammed. Just a Motherfucker who said he was sent from god. (God of my bungg Hole, Bullshit).
    I would like seing Muhammed’s mother getting fucked with a Camel or a horse. Who knows she didn’t try it??

  10. harun ahmad says:

    Is this a good attitude of a Christian?

  11. Harun, you’d have to ask a christian. I assume they would believe a non-christian will spend eternity in hell. Sounds far worse than poking fun to me.

  12. harun ahmad says:

    I do not know what is your religion. But, what a relieve that you are not a Christian!!! For a good Christian, Jew or a Muslim they would never do such a thing.

  13. Would never do what, condemn someone to eternal torture?

  14. harun ahmad says:

    Actually Mike, in reality, you are condemning yourself.

  15. What am I condemning myself to?

  16. harun ahmad says:

    away from the truth.

  17. What truth would that be?

  18. harun ahmad says:

    your true self.

  19. So to condense, I am “condemning myself away from my true self.”

    How did you come to know this?

  20. harun ahmad says:

    by learning!!! (remember grasshopper)
    Mike, do you want to know your true self?

  21. So you learned that I am “condemning myself away from my true self.”

    How did you learn this?

    Let’s just assume that I want to know my “true self” — now what is a true self?

  22. harun ahmad says:

    Mike, do you want to know your true self?

  23. harun ahmad says:

    Mike, don’t assume. Do you want to know? A simple yes will do.

  24. No. It appears true self is a religious concept, i.e., based on faith and fantasy, not learning.

    Which religion do you believe one must follow to discover one’s true self?

    If you cannot answer this with one word I will have learned that you are merely yet another disingenuous deceived deceiver.

  25. harun ahmad says:


  26. Harun, glad to hear that you’re not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Scientologist, or other nutcase.

    A single emotion does seem like rather thin gruel for learning one’s “true self” or to hold as one’s religion.

  27. Anonymous says:

    good i like you

  28. Muhammad Zain says:

    Yo, mike linksvayer u r such a asswipe, but don’t u have some disipline or shame? oh yeah, swearing is harram but not to a fucknut like you!

  29. Muhammad Zain, why do you reject Shiva?

  30. Aakif Adnan says:

    Illiteracy at its best !!

  31. Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim

    As Salaamu ‘aleykum

    Whoever it is that has made this site, published such hate for Islam and insulted Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) will be judged accordingly.

    Nobody can stop anyone from doing what they want, but when God wants things to happen, nothing will stop Him as well.

    I don’t know if you believe in God on the first place, so I would rather say, this world is not full of people like you who can’t respect other people, religion or whatever that falls under this world. There are Muslims, Hindus, Christians and so many other people who like to practice their religion and defend them. You might want to be a little careful on what you say my dear friend. Just try to live your own life, don’t be so political, or rude about others or their feelings otherwise it might be cause you a big problem, if not now then someday!

    No one is perfect in this world. Majority of Muslims are blind-folded, and they are mis-guided. They will be the loosers at the end of the day! Try not to bother about anyone except for showing care and love, it will be the only way to upset them.

    Not a single person will escape death. Have you ever thought about it? Think about the beautiful things that God has given to us rather than causing so much enmity among people.

    Please, don’t take my words offensive. I’m someone just like anyone.

    However, I’m sorry if there’s anything that you may find offensive.

    May God give you signs, and show you the truth!

    Peace be upon all of you.

    Muntazir Al Mahdi

    University of Islamic Science
    Qom, Iran

    Originality: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – East Africa

  32. Muntazir Al Mahdi,

    I see that you are at the University of Islamic Science. How does “Islamic science” differ from science?

  33. Ali says:

    U Will TasTE THe FIre And May AllAh plaCe UpOn U the WorsT oF LifE In This World And THe NexT. May u grow old and live the most dreadful of this life. DIE

  34. Ali,

    Go back to CamelCase training shcool.

  35. Ali says:

    Go back in ur moms pussy

  36. Ali says:

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  37. Ali, are you in a contest with SEMPER FI? You should get together for a group hug.

  38. Ali says:

    how bout u suk ma dick

  39. Ali says:

    how bout u suk ma dick
    fukin bum

  40. Ali says:

    why dont u go stick ur head up ur ass u asswipe
    spit upon u and ur faggit gay father
    he a pussy just like u

  41. Ali,

    Add some blasphemy to your poetry and I’ll give you an A+!

  42. Ali says:

    If i ever saw u. I would kill you

  43. Ali says:

    Hide coward

  44. Ali says:

    fuck you

  45. John says:

    I have read what Muntazir Al Mahdi wrote your question to him i have the answer. There is no difference between Islamic science and with science. Only some theories we do not Go along with such as Darwins theory or the Big Bang theory. We only give our respect unto God with all of his creations. May God put you on his path.

  46. Ali,

    Your spelling and grammar have improved, but as a poet you’ve gone way downhill. What happened?

  47. John, so why does Islamic science not go along with evolution? What does Islam have to say about physics?

  48. Ali and John @ /, are you brothers, lovers, or did you change your name (Muslim to Christian conversion?) in the 8 minutes between Ali’s last post and John’s first?

  49. Ali/John, I also wonder about the personality change. Why have you portrayed “Ali” as a cursing idiot and “John” as literate and reasonable sounding (but thoroughly disingenuous).

    Are you carrying out a campaign to make Muslims look unreasonable, stupid, and violent? Thoroughly uncool if so.

    Your “Ali” personality above says “Hide coward” — no period of course. Ali/John, are you not the coward? What is your real name? What is your real agenda?

  50. Ali/John says:

    Yea its me. So you knew. Yes i was very angry at the same time teachings of Islam has tought me to be peaceful and reasonable. According to my nature I have laid down anger and dealt with reasons for such offensive toppics you have posted and would make not only me but all of the Muslim population infuriated. Why? That is my question to you.

  51. Ali says:

    No responce?

  52. Muhammad's (saw) follower says:

    i hope the author of this camel shit go to hell and burn for ever

  53. bin laden says:

    fuck muslims

  54. joko says:

    if muhammad licking camel asshole under allah’s order,then christ is fucking his mom when he got caught and get stick to the cross.

  55. leo says:

    i will enjoy seeing mike with in fire in domesday thats the only thing i am sure of

  56. leo says:


  57. a muslim says:

    why would mohammad so that, by the way, mohammad zain, cursing is illegal or haram no matter who you curse, i hope you get tons of sins for that. it doesnt matter that im a muslim like you, your nothing like. who told you you’re allowed to curse? god certainly didnt! i hope god guids all you people. I wish you the best of days… TO EVERY SINGLE ONE RELIGIOS OR NONRELIGIOs. I hope you all go to heaven.
    BTW none of the prophets did anything stupid so stop saying all this cow-dung

  58. Imtiyaz says:

    Allah will burn you in hell for this.

  59. One who fears God says:

    You have until the moment you die to repent with your heart and ask Allah/God for forgiveness for this; I pray that God guides you – and if He does not, there is nothing in this universe to save you from the Torment prepared for those of us who insult Allah and His Messenger, though the insults touch Allah and His Messenger not but the insults only add on to the recompense for what you are earning right now.

  60. steeve says:

    what the fuck are we discussing.these camel fuckers need to be kicked in their ass and made to cut grass by their teeth and that mother fucking koran be banned..what a bunch of losers..

  61. abu ridho says:

    mike, if you christian, loving your jesus, if you budha loving sidarta ghautama, so dont distrub our prophet muhammad saw.if you dont like our prophet so you dont try to publish this picture in everywhere.Mike i am sure, if you death hell waiting you. Allah SWT punished you very hard, no paradise for congrulation the evil waiting you in hell.dont belive?…..Allah will burn you about this. iam very sure mike. So the rest in hell to very long time

    Chief of Jihad moeslem indonesia

  62. T Browser says:

    It’s takes a stoopid cocksucker to know an ass licker. Dumb fuck.

  63. Khalid says:

    The people who publishes such type of articles are not able to live in this world and the other world (The world after death). If I or any muslim can approach such type of people , we will kill them and it is not a crime especially in religion ISLAM.There killing is wajib-ull-kataul on every mushlim and on every non mushlims. Bcause MUHAMMAD (SAWW) IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH TO THIS WORLD AND THE OTHER WORLD(The world after death). MUHAMMAD (SAWW) is the man of peace to both muslims and non muslims. The life of such type of people like Mike Linksvayer have no meanings in this world and the other world.And inshallah we will not leave/live them(like Mike Linksvayer) in this world.


  64. Harun b Ahmad says:

    Still no love in you.

  65. Antigod says:

    allah, god call him what you will it still doesn’t change the fact that he/she/it/them is/are a fictional character designed to control uneducated primitive masses through fear & empty promises. Get real! It’s the 21st century, time mankind grew up.

  66. allah & mo can suck my fat one says:

    I recently “borrowed” a koran.While the paper is rather too rough to use as toilet paper its absorbency cannot be faulted. Various uses i have found are: floor covering for house training my dog, cheap alternative to panty liners & for draining bacon fat

  67. Saifeddine says:

    No sens to try guide people that their Creator dont want to guide,
    This is from the Coran Last Words and the complete Message that Allah gives to Sons of Adan (humains).
    No sens to their actions or lifes, they have some sparetime(they beleive) to spend in this life and they will Leave like me but without understanding for what they come. If you Believe Or not , if You respect or not is your Problem, That will not affect any bodyelse and Specially Allah and his Prophts = All of them.

    Please Try to not distrub Others with your Stupidity,your bad education, your bad ideas, your bad feelings, you must keep that to your self. because you will need it to continue to make mistakes every single second for your long life I hope.

    I have my bad Staff but i don’t like to see all this bad Feelings.

    God don’t need to protect His Prophts His Words or even you from your self. He is the creator if you believe or Not. he Know what we are doing what we are seeing, and only love that we change for the better.

    we have No choices, We come Single and We leave single we need just to help our Selfs and try to look after others.

    All my best wishes you don’t need to comment that Just read an think a little Pleeeeeeeeease.

    A Freindly and a lover of God

  68. cyber says:

    Muhamed is child fucker

  69. ummay hafsa says:

    who he insult Prophet MUhammad(saww),definately he would get punish by Almighty Allah.He is the last prophet of Allah its believe of all the muslims of this world,we can resemble him by a rose.he is holy prophet and beautiful among all the people of all the worlds.Allah’s laanat for all the insulters,they will get their reward very soon(Inshallah).may Allah show us right path(ameen)

  70. Asalam u lakem to all my brothers and sisters…wether they are muslim jewish or christian.

    Firstly i don’t agree with showing hatred, cursing, showing anger and so forth. But in this case, i wont hold back, because i find this very offensive.

    Secondly, Mike linksvayer, sounds like a fuckin dirty facist nazi cock suckin’ name. Your probs some sad asshole who has nothing better to do with his time than to sit at his laptop/pc n make up daft pics like this??Whats wrong with being original and creating something funny that wont offend any1…leme think…because your too fucking stupid.
    And steeve if i met you in the street id kick the shit out of u until upon recognition.

    Thirdly, Mike linksvayer, i found a picture of your ‘mom’ as you would say in the states, your faggot ass dad gave me a link to her webpage(thats how she pays the bills asswipe:) )
    So she aint really your mom, you were adopted from a family of pigs from a farm in germany. Ever wondered why you have such stubby arms and legs and an eating habit that could choke a horse?? oh btw …ur mom>>
    heres the link faggot ass:

  71. sohail says:

    If i ever saw u. I would kill you
    mike, if you christian, loving your jesus, if you budha loving sidarta ghautama, so dont distrub our prophet muhammad saw.if you dont like our prophet so you dont try to publish this picture in everywhere.Mike i am sure, if you death hell waiting you. Allah SWT punished you very hard, no paradise for congrulation the evil waiting you in hell.dont belive?…..Allah will burn you about this. iam very sure mike. So the rest in hell to very long time.
    you are bloody.
    Go back in ur moms pussy ,boy

  72. sohail says:

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    Allah will burn you in hell for this.
    i hope the author of this camel shit go to hell and burn for ever

  73. Conservative Mark says:

    Mucking Fuslims better stfu or suffer the consequences of what a true God can do through the hands of man. Thus far we have seen the calm and restraint of the Son of God, Jesus. Keep it up though little mo fos and we are going to go medevil on your asses and bomb you back to the Stone Age. That will be a short trip through time.

    I pray to God for the day we move to hydrogen fuel cell cars and leave you people as poor and ignorant as we found you 100 years ago.

  74. Demicrap says:

    I love Allah she licks my hairy balls