I’ve been saying for awhile that San Francisco ought to be “Sanhattan” referencing of course Manhattan and the SF parochials who use Manhattanization as a pejorative. I finally searched for the term while writing about free parking and was slightly disappointed to find that an area of Santiago, Chile is already known as . Unless there has been an incredible amount of building since I visited that city in 1998 (loved it) I find it hard to justify the name.

Anyhow, I welcome plans to build the tallest building on the U.S. west coast in San Francisco, and lots of them. Manhattanization is boring. Turn the whole of San Francisco into . Too bad Hong Francisco or San Kong don’t flow like Sanhattan.

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  1. Arturo Veve says:

    Even if you wanted to populate San Francisco with a lot of tall buildings, it would probably not happen because of seismic concerns, something not of concern to Manhattan

  2. Arturo, earthquake risk at least as great as SF’s hasn’t stopped Tokyo skyscraper builders. Taipei, currently home to the , is also in a very hot zone. My understanding is that midrises have greater earthquake risk than tall buildings more or less because the latter have more ability to sway.

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  4. Jon Phillips says:

    I want huge buildings too…bring em on and clear out the ole weak ones.

  5. Gum Kong? Hong Shan?

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  7. Re Anton’s comment above, Gum Shan means “Gold Mountain”, which SF (and according to Wikipeda, western North America generally; I did not know this) was known as in China.

    I looked at this post again because I idly daydreamed of Song Frankong, which doesn’t mean anything, but may be hard to miss the presence of both SF and HK (well, not the initials) in.

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