9-11 repeal: impeachment

I don’t follow the nitty gritty and scandal du jour of U.S. politics, but I’m getting a stronger sense that part of 9-11 repeal should be impeachment. Glenn Whitman says it well:

Maybe I just have Bush Derangement Syndrome. But I find myself agreeing with James Wimberly and Mark Kleiman: there exist more than sufficient grounds for impeaching George W. Bush. In his recent statements about CIA detainees, he essentially confessed to violations of U.S. law. The laws in question provide for criminal punishments – of 20 years or more – for acts of torture and violations of the Geneva Convention.

Send the abominable person to prison!

FX’s play money Bush impeached or resigns (anytime before his term ends) last traded at about 17, more or less where it has been in its year of trading. The closest real money analogs I know of would be Intrade’s Rumsfeld.Resign.Dec06 at bid/sell/last of 16.0/17.8/16.0 and Cheney.Resign.Dec06 at 4.1/4.5/4.5.

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  2. Kent says:

    I wish George Bush could serve a 3rd term so he could be president from 2008 – 2112.

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