Collaboration on closed software = pen and printout

As in = scrambled eggs.

At a small business, designer has a document fancily laid out in an . Editor needs to make substantial edits throughout the document, but does not have a copy of the desktop publishing application, so prints out a copy of document, marks up edits with pen, hands to designer to transcribe (with errors, of course).

Had this business used , editor would have simply installed the desktop publishing application.

I had completely forgotten this simple case for free software, probably because I haven’t touched a desktop publishing or other specialized document creation application in years; I just happened to overhear a conversation relating the above situation, without reference to the irony of collaboration using closed software devolving to printout, pen, and data entry.

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  1. He printed out a copy of the document?!

    I hope he had permission from the document’s copyright holder!

    We have laws hundreds of years old governing printers.

    Just because you can print something, doesn’t mean you should – even if no-one knows about it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way of contacting the owner of this website?

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