Jesus Funny Christ

For some reason I find religious allusions, well, hilarious. Almost as hilarious as hearing people say that Jesus Christ is their favorite philosopher.

My faves from David Weigel’s liveblogging of tonight’s debate (which I have not watched yet) among A, B, and C-level Republican candidates for temporary dictator of the U.S. jurisdiction:

From the first half:

8:38 [PM EDT] – Thompson, who sounds like a corpse exhaling its Ka, defends the right of businesses to fire based on sexual orientation. Seriously, he sounds awful.

Second half:

9:13 – Sam Brownback: “I think personal beliefs of everybody shape everybody.” As Brownback himself might say: Jesus Christ.

However, Toyama Koichi is the best entertainment value of all and he does it without religious allusion. I can’t stop watching this! (Seen on Boing Boing, EconLog and Reason in one monster feed catchup.)

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