Before this year’s SXSW (which I blogged rather cynically, last post in series, go back from there) I spent a couple days in Houston and one in San Antonio. I was reminded to blog about this side trip yesterday when I got a note from Schmap Guides that a couple of my photos had been used in the Schmap Houston Guide: Hobbit Cafe and Rothko Chapel. Schmap has been using Creative Commons licensed photos to illustrate its guides for over a year, though this one is nice, as my photos are generally mediocre to awful.

Overall I loved , perhaps in part as a reaction to all those who told me I would hate it. Yes, it has massive highways with continuous feeder side roads, but they seem to work pretty well. Other things being equal, I’d like to see cities become more extreme versions of themselves, and thus more highly differentiated. Light rail is a travesty in Houston and San Francisco should become Sanhattan.

For a more sterotypically urbane feel, the neighborhood is nice. Hobbit Cafe, which I highly recommend, is located there. Montrose, where the is located, is even nicer. I was not overly impressed with the chapel, but the nearby is very nice. I felt the building suited very well to being a museum, unlike many museum buildings. I loved the temporary cardboards exhibit.

seems like an excellent place to tour a wealthy but inexpensive suburb, but don’t order a five pepper dish from Thai Cottage II, for it is artless and not very spicy either.

The has one of the best newspaper web sites, which is to say it isn’t awful.

I look forward to visiting Houston again, having not even scratched its surface.

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  1. Chris Masse says:

    Jean-Michel Jarre held his best concert in Houston.

    1.5 millions of spectators


  2. gurdonark says:

    I really like Houston, too. The Menil is very nice. I like that in Houston, rather like Los Angeles, the complement of “fine” dining really takes a back seat to dozens upon dozens of obscure little places that serve fascinating food without being “written up” anywhere.

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