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A post about a child’s reaction to a party at which people apparently mentioned their blogs a lot reminded me of a name that last summer Jon Phillips and I gave to people who don’t talk about their blogs but do sound as if they were reading their blogs aloud — and every “conversation” with them sounds like this.

Of course these people existed before blogs and were perhaps simply called insufferable.

Although it isn’t nice to call someone insufferable and “blog reader” is snarky, I have some admiration for these people. At least they have something non-generic to say and with aggressive questioning one can learn from them.

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  2. Kat says:

    Part of the reason I stopped blogging, several years ago, is that I found myself falling into that, as well as talking about things I read on other blogs — this was when I blogged and almost none of my friends did. Though I’d like to think I was never insufferable.

    Now I think of starting again — I feel left out of conversations because my part is in comments or IM/email rather than blogged….

  3. Chris Masse says:

    “aggressive questioning”


  4. Funny timing. Last night I went to a party which had an “open mike” phase. After a couple of lame attempts at standup comedy, I thought, I might do better than this by reading selected blog posts!

    Instead I got up and sang a song (the hostess having previously prodded me), which was politely received.

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