Control yourself, follow Evan

See Evan Prodromou’s post on launching, good background reading on open services.

I love the name of Prodromou’s company, Control Yourself. Presumably it is a reference to discussions of user autonomy as a better frame than freedom or openness … for discussions of concerns addressed by free/open source software and its ilk.

You can follow Evan’s microblogging at

I’ve only used Twitter for an ongoing joke that probably nobody gets, but for now I’ll be trying to honestly microblog at

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  1. gurdonark says:

    I never get anyone’s ongoing jokes.

    I use twitter for this and that, but I like the idea that is a micro-blogging tool which offers a chance to link up with a more GNU/open source/Free Art License/freeware group of folks. I hope my idea proves correct, as it would be great if it turned out that it was one great big crowdsourced microblog aggregation turning out a multiple of articles on the same themes as those cool ones y’all post at

  2. Well, I listened to and reviewed one of your tracks last night found via, so it must be good for something. :)

  3. gurdonark says:

    That was awfully kind of you, too. I *knew* that open source was a virtue! :)

    By the way, that metric with a zillion things licensed CC was really an amazing thing.

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