Tiresome rearguard actions

Watch out 2024!

Incorporates North Korea Mass Games by Peter Crowcroft and Hollywood Sign by Oreos, available under BY-SA (questionably in former case), but I’m claiming fair use. Result dedicated to the public domain.

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  1. […] of 12 things you can do to fight the U.S. Congress’ attack on the Internet. Most of them are tiresome rearguard actions against this particular legislation (though most can have secondary long-term effects of educating […]

  2. […] changed in a dynamic way with much better policy. I bet we wouldn’t even miss that 9-figure Hollywood dreck if such disappeared (I really doubt it would, but here’s to hoping) that most writers […]

  3. […] much bigger, tiresome rearguard action. I’m impressed by protesters’ nearly universal and exclusive focus on encouraging […]

  4. […] sentiment. Not purely a tiresome rearguard action. But I don’t see how it can conceivably make a noticeable impact on copyright industry profit […]

  5. […] suspicious and ashamed of progress which depends on infringing freedom and promoting inequality. If mass spectacle ends when the regime falls, all the better. We’ll love whatever culture we have and create, […]

  6. […] The innovations generated by a free and equal society are the ones I want. Others are to be gawked at with dismay and […]

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