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Does the F11 for full screen mode convention used by many programs come about because F11 looks like “Full” sans vowel? I could not find a web resource discussing this — most results seem to point at incorrectly OCR’d PDFs containing the phrase “full screen”.

In any case, for the last few months I’ve usually run my web browser (Firefox) in full screen mode, saving precious vertical real estate, and removing one source of distraction (seeing other tabs). In its default setting, move the pointer to the top of the screen to see tabs and URL bar. You have to switch out of full screen mode (merely press F11) to access the menubar. If you hate needless animation like I do, go to about:config and set browser.fullscreen.animateUp to 0.

F11 also works in Chromium (one has to toggle out of full screen to see other tabs, which makes sense, as tabs occupy the title bar), Konqueror (but the URL bar won’t go away unless you turn it off separately; very old feature request), and Ephipany (but again the URL bar won’t go away, there’s a very old feature request for that, and turning it off first causes a crash).

Although I used to swear by vertical tabs (most recently with an extension called Vertical Tabs), I’ve stopped using them. They remain visible in fullscreen mode, make it too easy to pile up hundreds of open tabs, and bizarrely my laptop screens have fewer pixels than they did in 2005, so I don’t have an urge to use up horizontal space).

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  1. I’m using Fx nightly along with Tree Style Tabs (which puts the tabs on the left hand side) and when I Fu11 Screen I don’t see the tabs on the left until I mouse to the left edge, just like the url bar when I mouse to the top edge. And when the tabs do show up they are nice and semi-transparent and still scrollable (as in, I have too many tabs open, so I can scroll up/down).

    Just FYI :)

  2. Oh nice. I stopped using TST when at some point it wasn’t compatible with whatever Firefox I was running, and I never really used the “tree” functionality, so VT sufficed. But TST full-screen-awareness will probably have me keep it, thanks for the pointer!

    Addendum: holding down control key to unhide TST in fullscreen mode is pretty nice.

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