Video hosting longevity experiment

Some friends have been working on a to-be-federated media hosting web application called MediaGoblin. They’re running a crowdfunding campaign to pay for more developer time. Please join me in feeding the developers.

For irony and goading (noted and fixed before I could get this post up), an appreciation (but not implementation) of POSSE (probably complementary to federation, but a different take on not entirely the same problem), and a test of hosting (which includes identifiers) permanence, I uploaded their campaign video various places. I’ve ordered below by my guess at longevity, from high to low (* next to those I did not upload).

Internet Archive.


BitTorrent magnet link, pirate bay listing.

Commented out FSF static hosting found in source of the campaign page.*

MediaGoblin instance at*

My MediaGoblin instance.

CDN hosted files found in source of the campaign page.*

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  1. […] be available in a general release in approximately 18-24 weeks. You can test the feature on the page the screenshot above is from; note it will work on some of the videos, but for others the host has hijacked the context menu. Or […]

  2. […] tangentially related, I just noticed the first failure in my video hosting longevity experiment. seems to have moved to serving files from a CDN, without setting up redirects such that […]

  3. […] 16 months after raising $42k to feed the programmers (my post about that campaign), the MediaGoblin team is asking again, with promised features dependent on the […]

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