Someone in San Francisco has “unshakable belief in the power of technology”؟

San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation’s Mayor’s Innovation Fellowship Program:

Innovation Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds but share several common characteristics:

  • Experience working across sectors, with multiple stakeholders
  • Passion and propensity for innovation
  • Impeccable communication and presentation skills
  • Unshakable belief in the power of technology

Too bad this is probably not a parody of critiques of strawmen who supposedly have total faith in technology to make the world an excellent place in the next ten minutes. More likely, they are in true objective Public Relations positions, or perhaps Internal Relations.

I wonder if “Give me three examples demonstrating your unshakable belief in the power of technology” will be asked during interviews? I suppose the joke answers write themselves, e.g., “I took MUNI to this interview”, “I bought a computer with Windows pre-installed”; you can do much better.

Seriously though, this might be a good opportunity for someone interested in open policy and local government. Don’t tell them I sent you.☻

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