alias grep=’glark’

Glark has improved my life.

A replacement for (or supplement to) the grep family, glark offers: Perl compatible regular expressions, highlighting of matches, context around matches, complex expressions (“and” and “or”), and automatic exclusion of non-text files.

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  1. Lucas says:

    Great find. Lack of perl-compatible regexs is a glaring problem with grep. I find myself doing `perl -e /regex/ -` way too often.

  2. […] alias grep=’glark’ advocates using glark, an enhanced grep (a command line tool for matching and displaying text in files against a match pattern) written in Ruby. But there’s no reason to install yet another slow scripting language that you don’t want (unless you already depend on it, but even then you might not in the future). Instead: export GREP_OPTIONS='–color=auto –perl-regexp' […]

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