The other $1 business model

Facts about dollar stores #2: The dollar store sector accounts for $16 billion a year, larger than the recorded music industry.

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  1. Vitaliy says:

    I never realized it but then again, walking through the city there are a few on every block.

  2. Egrubs says:

    I want to open a dollar store in Southern CA and currently researching locations and as much as possible about the industry. What suggests or directions can you give me? Or can you give some guidance on dos and don’ts. Thanks you very much!


  3. […] The other $1 business model refers to $1/track music stores and says that $1 stores are a bigger business than the recorded music industry. Apart from gross use of the term business model (“pricing strategy” would’ve been much better) the point that the recorded music industry is smaller than yet another sector of the economy is hardly insightful. The recorded music industry is high status, near the commanding heights, while dollar stores are at best low status. Even if we were to generously include Wal*Mart in the class of dollar, that is very low cost, stores, such that the class is an undeniably major part of the economy, all of cheap retail is merely where people go to purchase the products of the recorded music industry, and to listen to piped-in-music, courtesy of the recorded music industry. […]

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