Ordinary Submissions

Two bloggers on using Bitzi.

Neil Turner recommends “Wonderful Life” by Ordinary People feat. Tina Cousins. Apparently the track is hard to find. Having lost a copy once due to disk troubles, Neil submitted the file to Bitzi. Now others can use the Bitzi ticket to find the file he recommends (and Neil will have an easier time in the event of another storage failure). I was pleasantly surprised to find that after a few tries I could download the exact file from two Gnutella hosts. Unfortunately dance music and electronica aren’t my thing.

Fareed of Cairo and “survivor of a car crash” writes about checking file integrity:

Have you ever downloaded files and you were not sure of it’s integrity. Now their is a way to be sure, a site called Bitzi allows you to check file integrity. Users can submit using a program called Bit Collider file hashes to the site or verify that the integrity is ok.

So Bitzi can help identify good and bad files. Good luck avoiding future hard disk and car crashes!

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  1. […] Ordinary Submissions. In 2012 I am not able to locate let alone download the file mentioned via Gnutella. But there are many “download” web sites that claim to have it, and probably some do. Even better, the track appears to be on YouTube, many times over. Regarding theoretical checks on file quality, see “anti-spoofing” above. […]

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