Congratulations to Lucas Gonze on the /Yahoo! merger. (Via Kevin Burton.)

Yahoo! made a very wise decision to be acquired by the light side rather than the dark side.

My favorite Gonze post: Totally fucking bored with Napster (more at CC).

Also have a listen to the best track on ccMixter (if you share my taste, probably not), also a Gonze creation.

I could gonze on, but enough of this!

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  1. […] A frequent correspondent recently complained that my linking to Wikipedia articles about organizations rather than the home pages of organizations is detrimental to the usability of this site, probably spurred by my linking to a stub article about Webjay. […]

  2. […] Lucas Gonze, who has lots of experience dealing with hotlink complaints due to running Webjay, has a new post on problems with complaint forms as a solution to hotlinks. One thing missing from the post is a distinction between two completely different sets of complainers who will have different sets of solutions beyond complaining. […]

  3. […] Congratulations again to Wikitravel cofounder Evan Prodromou. It’s fantastic to see projects and people like this get some commercial recognition after years of dedication to the “commons” (very broadly speaking) — see also Webjay and MusicBrainz. […]

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