Boing Boing promotes supply-side anti-censorship

Not the context I imagined, but Boing Boing is calling for supply-side anti-censorship:

What happens when the blogosphere uses so much tasteful nudity that the web is unusable for SmartFilter users? What happens when SmartFilter blocks so much content that the web is crippled for its users?

No, of course they aren’t calling it supply-side anti-censorship (bad name anyway, sorry). Here you go:

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  1. Ed Kohler says:

    I’ve long wondered how programs can detect the intent of an image they find nudity within. If publishing non-pornographic nudes could cripple the programs, I guess they’re not very smart. Kind of like Star Wars defense systems.

  2. Biobob says:


    the pot calling the kettle black – they are one of the worst censors on the web

  3. (nearly 5 years later) Ed, good analogy!

    Biobob, what are you referring to?

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