I’m ten days late, but finally, a worthwhile holiday: March 15 is Tyrannicide Day!

There are many holidays around the world that have their origins in revolution, e.g., and the Fouth of July, but these are mainly celebrations of the jurisdictions that followed revolution and their supposed national identities.

Tyrannicide Day does not celebrate successful revolution, nor any specific revolution or jurisdiction, so cannot be easily usurped. Charles Johnson, instigator of Tryannicide Day:

What I want to honor today is tyrannicide not as a political strategy but as a moral fact: putting a diadem on your head and wrapping yourself in the blood-dyed robes of the State confers neither the virtue, the knowledge, nor the right to rule over anyone, any more than you had naked and alone. Tyranny is nothing more and nothing less than organized crime executed with a pompous sense of entitlement and a specious justification; the right to self-defense applies every bit as much against the person of some self-proclaimed sovereign as it does against any other two-bit punk who might attack you on the street. Every victory for human liberation in history — whether against the crowned heads of Europe, the cannibal-empires of modern Fascism and Bolshevism, or the self-perpetuating oligarchies of race and sex — has had this insight at its core: the moral right to deal with the princes and potentates of the world as nothing more and nothing less than fellow human beings, to address them as such, to challenge them as such, and — if necessary — to resist them as such. Thus always to tyrants.

Next year I will celebrate on time and in style!

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