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has begun its annual fall fundraiser. Donate if you can or buy a t-shirt in support of your favorite licensethe public domain.

If you’re completely clueless about restrictive copyright and the net, you’re probably in the wrong place. Before you scurry off, watch Get Creative, which introduced Creative Commons nearly four years ago and provides some of the background story.

Otherwise, check out the brand new Wanna Work Together?, which explains Creative Commons more succinctly and features music by , who has the awesomest home page ever.

is forgoing its usual fifty percent take on ad clickthroughs for these videos through the end of the year (there’s a static ad at the end of each video).

Please contribute and spread these videos to help ensure a future with plenty of freedom lunches for all.

I currently work for Creative Commons, but heed this blog’s current tagline: My opinions only. I do not represent any organization in this publication.

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  1. Please, change your blog tagline: it’s totally dumb.

  2. I figure it is more or less unnoticable, unless I point it out.

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